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12-21-2012, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
I'm sorry but who the heck is buying your stuff. I ran elite STFS all the time and my purple crap is just that. Of course I can put a ridiculous price of 50 to 70mil but nobody will buy it. You can ask anything you want since it's a free market but it will sit there forever...pls dont steer people wrong. If it worked for you one lucky time it doesnt mean it will work all the time. You are telling me that people will spend 50 mil for "dropped STF" console when they can spend that much which is 4x the amount for a tholian ship or the like....dont think so and prove me I'm wrong by sending screenshots of your transaction
Well, I hope you read the rest of this thread, cause people have spilled their guts about it by now. And, it's not as secretive as you think, I didn't have to do much to get people to tell me making those purple consoles is at least one very good way.
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Originally Posted by trahl View Post
That's been my experience so far. I've got some purple system's engineers but none of them have crit bonuses which saddens me.
Still its the most profitable thing I've found so far for the work.
Again have you read this thread? I'm guessing then, there is even better way to get EC's other than the children's toys chain, that absolutely no one is willing to share is all I can think of
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12-21-2012, 06:36 PM
And, if anyone wants to spill the information, how, not where (I know where) can I get the Negotiate Additional Delivery of Rare Commodities assignment to show? It's obviously not as easy as going to the required sector block (hmm, perhaps sector then) and clicking the current map button and seeing the quest.

I know it has a cooldown as well, but it looks like it isn't one you can see, unlike strange new worlds, where it is greyed out and you can see the timer.

And, children's toys really makes fabbing a huge waste of dilithium (and time!) getting it. Those things should be better than the consoles you can possibly produce, considering some of the cost 30 UNCOMMON unreplicateable mats to fab! Which you can pay 30K dilithium for.
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12-22-2012, 03:45 AM
You just roam ds9 sectors for

Albeit I never powered any of them myself, except the required one ofc, I am far too lazy to go look for 20 different rare samples.

I guess if you had a handful of characters all doing doff'ing and console fabrication around the clock 30 million wouldn't be a lot.

I do have a few secrets but nothing that gets even close to 30 million a day insta-button.
Not that I make a huge effort I basically have everything I want.

Only thing that haunts me is the science shield console that's always so damned expensive.
I've thought about trying them out to see if they do any kind of difference on stf but I also just know I will regret it since I switch my build out weekly and can't sell them again.
Outside crafting the has the low level one and the chain fabrication I never saw them anywhere.
For that kind of EC's my shield would have to be invulnerable. Frankly I'd rather just blow up and respawn and buy a new ship instead.

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