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hi captains.

i can use some help with my oddy,i'm looking for a balanced build, so i can use the tank abbilitie the oddy have,and do some dps.

i'm a tactical captain.flying a tactical odesssy cruiser.

my skills are listed here:

my bridge officer's are as follow:
lt commander uni:

tactical officer

beam overload 1
torpedo high yield 2
torpedo spread 3

ensign uni:

tactical officer.

tactical team 1

lt tactical:

tactical officer

tactical team 1

commander enginering

engineeing officer

engineering team1
aux to structural field 1
directed energy modulation 2
eject warp plasma 2

lt science:

science office

hazard emitters 1transfer shield strenght 2


my ship's setup:

fore weapons: 2x beam array 1x dual beam array,1x quantum torpedo
aft weapons: 3x beam array,1x quantum torpedo.

all weapons are mk 12 purple advanced fleet,all antiproton.

deflector: maco mk 12 purple
impulse maco mk 12 purple
shield: reman prototype covoriant mk 12 bleu


aqaurius escort console ( oddy only)
tachyokinetic converter
point defense console
rcs accelarator mk 12 purple.

science console's:

borg assimilated console
2x field generator mk 12 purple

tactcal console's:

quantum zero point chamber mk 12 purple
2x antiproton mag console mk 12 purple.


i wanna have a ship that can stand in pvp,but can take also npc.
i wanna have my oddy tanky,but with good dps output.
the reason why i have te tacyokinetic converter and the assimilated console equipped,is that the converter give's me turn rate and more crit,and assimilated console also for more crit.

what do you guys think about it,and do you have any tips about skills/console's or bridge officer skills?

i'm hoping that people can help me.

i have 6 million ec atm,so i cant buy to much.

greetss grahskin.

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