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12-22-2012, 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the omega torp is very interesting. i think an entire torp overhawl should be based off of it. the omega torp has 5 charges, and fires about once a second. it seems to have a bit higher dot damage too, thats a very good combination then. its a good torp to use up front unmodified by torpedo abilities, just autofireing. it sets fires well, and everyone in a wile will strike direct hull, just because of the rate of fire.

where it shines, and has a deep drawback is with torp abilities. spread is a bit useless on it other then for dealing with npcs as part of an aoe PVE build. but the HY projectile actually has hitpoints, 4k of them, and can survive a few TBR hits, a fair amount of often missing weapons fire, a PSW, all sorts of stuff. its the most reliable to hit heavy projectile yet, and tends to deal around 30k damage to other players if it hits hull.

the MAJOR downside to this though is every time you use a torpedo ability, or exhaust all the charges, there is a 10 second cooldown before you can fire again at all. so if you use a torp ability every 15 seconds, it will almost never be able to do what its best at, have actual dps and fire rapidly. if you want to use spread, a standerd torp would be beter frankly, and fire more often. the HY projectile is nice though

they best part is you can disintegrate ships borg command ship style. even an unbuffed torp can, and i almost suspect that if your at a low enough % hull, it will instantly disintegrate someone. im pretty sure a shield impact on a very near death target vaped them, when the torps damage alone, through shields, should not have. ive seen this multiple times now, and think i heard a dev float the idea a month ago before all this launched
I was thinking the same thing about the HY projectile, but with my build I only have 2 tac skill slots, one of which is TT1 and the other one will probably be either APD or TS2 for spreading plasma burns. Wanted to use the Omega torp as a rear launcher, but I will probably just use a regular torp with acc modifiers...

Thanks for your help!

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