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12-22-2012, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by wilv View Post
You obviously have no clue what you're talking about. In the few weeks season 7 has been around the team has made fixes and adjustments almost WEEKLY based on player feedback.
As for our community manager, he's one of the most dedicated members of the team and invaluable to us and them. On many occasions he's gone above his job to help players out and he's constantly relaying info to the team from the players and back, EVEN on his time off.
I don't do programming but there are a lot of bugs that need to be addressed and faster than they get done. They may not be priority bugs but those who paid for the Venture ship that are unhappy with the windows on the saucer not being able to match the windows on the lower hull does annoy some. How long did it take to fix Second Wave and is it actually tested to the point where it can be said it's actually fixed?

I'm not here to debate how Brandon does his job or how well he does it. Someone mentioned they like Brandon's job. That's cool! I have said before that I prefered StormShade but that's just my preference. All I was trying to say that I think the money would be better spent else where. It's nothing personal against the guy but there are things I would like to see or fixed in this game that take longer than I would like. I would still think the exact same way if StormShade was still the Community Rep also. For example: the 7 months it took to fix the AGT uniforms that had some major clipping issues. That's not what I call acceptable for a clipping issue fix. We need more graphic artists to work on these issues faster. If I pay for added content in this game and there is an issue with it. I expect it fixed promptly!
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12-22-2012, 09:25 PM
I currently play three MMOs, counting STO. ALL of them have Community Managers, one of them even has two. They are invaluable to a healthy game, as they do things that would otherwise take the developers away from actually developing the game.

Also, I don't think this has been pointed out yet, but BranFlakes is not employed by Cryptic. He is employed by Perfect World as the Publisher of the game developed by Cryptic. His salary is no doubt not at all part of Cryptics expenses with this game, so he has absolutely no impact Financially on what does or doesn't happen.

Lastly, I don't know how you can say someone's job is pointless and unnecessary and not think it rude.
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12-22-2012, 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
So when the Ambassador ship is done, there are few canon Starfleet ships left that players are asking for. I have trouble thinking of any, but some players could probably mention some canon ships that are currently missing.
Seeing as we have ships that are over 200 years old in the game, I don't see any issue with including the following ships (or 25th Century variants of said ships). One of which is already ingame:

Challenger Class (Based on Galaxy Class)
Cheyenne Class (Ingame as a Tier 3 Heavy Cruiser variant)
Freedom Class (Based on Ambassador/Galaxy Class)
New Orleans Class (Based on Galaxy/Nebula Class)
Niagara Class (Based on Ambassador/Galaxy Class)
Springfield Class (Based on Cheyenne/Galaxy Class)

Most of these ships were heavily influenced by Galaxy Class components, so in theory wouldn't be too difficult to replicate. It would also be pretty nice to see additional "Galaxy"-style ships, fill other roles rather than just Cruisers. The New Orleans Class with it's extra torpedo pods could easily serve as a Destroyer/Escort. While the Springfield Class could potentially serve as a Science Vessel.

Now, I wouldn't argue that these ships -must- be "low tiered" despite canon. But I think it may be a good inspiration if Cryptic were to make new ship classes (at any tier), and base them on these designs.

So whenever someone says that "Cryptic are running out of canon designs", I just point towards the ships that appeared during the Wolf 359 battle as a shining example, of additional ships that could potentially be added. If nothing else, I would love to see them added as skin variants to existing ships, and not necessarily added as an entirely new ship and unique consoles.
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12-22-2012, 10:13 PM
There are CANON designs and there are canon designs. Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, and Constitution are all CANON designs while a ship that was only shown for a few seconds is a canon design. So when people say Cryptic is running out of canon designs, it means the highly rememberable ship designs and not ships that were shown in only one episode.
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12-22-2012, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
There are CANON designs and there are canon designs. Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, and Constitution are all CANON designs while a ship that was only shown for a few seconds is a canon design. So when people say Cryptic is running out of canon designs, it means the highly rememberable ship designs and not ships that were shown in only one episode.
Now your splitting heirs...

There is no distinction between a ship that made 1 appearance, and a ship that made 100 appearances. Case in point: NX-01 Replica (98 episodes), Ambassador Class (1 episode). After the Ambassador Class is added, you can't use your argument to "block" adding some ships, while adding others.
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12-22-2012, 11:40 PM
That is rather messy splitting heirs. The blood gets everywhere and is a real pain to clean up. Reason for the Ambassador is it is an Enterprise. As long as it has a warp drive and is named the Enterprise, then it will have a large fan following. Cryptic had to make a ton of ships at launch so they could use ships that were only in one or two episodes. Now all ships seem to be C-Store ships so they have to be more picky about which canon ships to do. A canon ship that has no real following except a couple of people is not justifiable to their bottom line. A canon ship like the Ambassador class that has a bunch of people wanting it is.
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12-22-2012, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
I don't do programming but there are a lot of bugs that need to be addressed and faster than they get done.
You dont do programming, so you would not realise that when you start altering E, it can affect the interation with J,Z,B, and U. And then when you fix J it messes up how A interacts with E...

There are so many things that have to be done to fix something small and unimportant, alongside continuing to code the next update to keep people playing (the weekly updates) AND also coding parts of the next season - all of which are also interlinked!

As to Brandon being superfluous - He is the first community manager I have seen in any of the games I have played over the years (right back to the beginning of the interwebz, and some of the text communities on BBS before that) who actually came out onto the "beta" server, and played team games along with others so that bugs that had been reported could be seen, documented, and relayed to the devs.

He is active, he is visible, he is approachable, and has the time both in game - and in forums for the players (paying AND free).

I can't see how that can be a waste, irrelevant, OR a waste of money
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12-23-2012, 04:31 AM
those are some nice Ships the OP has linked, i wouldn't mind seeing some of those in STO or at least *inspired by* Versions.
(just the very last one, that looks like a starship on its head lol)

But i have to disagree, when i look around ESD + DS9 i barely see a Ship that i would recognize as a TV accurate Star Trek Ship, everybody has silly Borg parts or Tron kits applied or flies Ships that are heavily kitbashed together, or straight out Alien Ships.

I have a hard time to find purists that fly a straight from the line oldschool non-2409 Federation Ships when i look around a bulk of Playerships.
Out of 10 there may be one or two these days.

So i say NO this fleet looks NOT like a 24th century Starfleet.

Bit i also agree that is doesn't look like a futuristic 25th century Starfleet to me...

to me it looks more like a MMO Game fleet with a bunch of silly borg parts, deflector glows and fireworks.... and some very just very ugly ships between.

Overall i agree Cryptic UP YOUR GAME.
There are new players coming in all the time, every Ship is a new Ship to them, if you don't upgrade your partially really old and ugly sub par Ships, then that is a first impression that sticks around.

The quantity over quality approach is not helping here.
We need at least 2 Ship artists, one dedicated to pump out NEW ships and one dedicated to fixing bugs and polish up *old* Ships.

and to the Players: you are NOT cool if you fly around cluttered in Borg parts or in a Romulan Set, if everybody has these visuals then they don't make you stand out at all, you can make good looking Ships with any Set visual, but not every Set visual looks good on every Ship.
And for crying out loud, at least deactivate ANY and ALL Deflector visuals and glows, those look so... GAME-ish. (in particular the Borg Deflector looks bad on a lot of Ships but only on a few it looks not gimmicky.)
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12-24-2012, 02:08 AM
I agree that a lot of the earlier variants didn't have the appeal or degree of polish we're seeing in the newer ships. But what are they supposed to do about it? They're already adding cool-looking ships, and saying to 'up your game' by adding even more sounds a bit impatient.

I like some of the ships the OP listed, but some of them seem to inch towards the pitfalls of sweeping but formless curves. I personally like the Cochrane saucer and can appreciate some of the blockier designs when done right. But it just goes to show that both angular and curvy designs can be done wrong.
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12-26-2012, 03:02 PM
For those that seem to not understand why ships are still around after years of service....

I direct you all to the Enterprise CVN-65, built in 1958, retired from service nov 2012....

how many decades is that with todays building, one must think...if the damn thing can still fly around and be useful when its built in 2350 something...than it is...end of story.
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