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12-22-2012, 08:52 PM
Originally Posted by nikephorus View Post
It has the same amount of bridge officer abilities as any cruiser just in a different layout I fail to see how it is overpowered...

...The only thing you mentioned is that it has two LtCmd bridge officer spots. That alone doesn't make the ship OP..nor does the console layout which is actually just very balanced...

...So again I challenge you to tell me exactly what is so OP about my suggested Ambassador build, because I just don't see it.
Capability. What this ship would be capable of with your BOff setup alone is what makes it overpowered. And you say it's balanced? This is a cruiser bro. Cruisers aren't balanced. They lean towards engi.

Your ship has access to high level abilities in ALL categories. That's what makes it "overpowered". Let's take your stock Assault Cruiser as an example. It's weakness is it's Tactically and Scientifically inferior. Especially as science goes. Let's take the other ship you brought up, the Excelsior. It's weakness is science again.

Your ship has no weak point. It has access to level 3 science, engineering, AND tactical abilities. Also given the stats you gave it, it's ability to dominate will be almost unbreakable. You would make most other cruisers obsolete, I daresay you will even challenge, if not outright beat even the Odyssey for how adaptable your ship would be. Your ship isn't a cruiser. Not in the slightest. Allow me to put some facts down for you:

All cruisers (yes, ALL, including KDF battlecruisers) have a Commander level Engineering BOff slot. There is no exception to this rule.

All cruisers are variable in their console layout, always leaning towards one particular strength/weakness (ex. Excel and FAC are tactical and engi oriented with weakness in science, Oddy (freebie) and FSC are science and engi oriented with weakness in tac, Galaxy and Galaxy-r are engi oriented with weakness in sci and tac).

Your cruiser (I shudder to call it that), has NONE of those weaknesses. And to make things worse, it gives up little to nothing in exchange. It is too modular, too adaptable. And you have the gall to call it not op?
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