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'Rhianna' and, presumably, higher quality instances of Romulan Transporter Duty Officer

Romulan Transporter Duty Officer (Ground), purchased with fleet marks from the Embassy (Tier 1 Recruitment and higher) is supposed to reduce the cooldowns of ground pets and pet consumables. You can stack up to three of them, for a combined cooldown reduction of roughly 47% (a power with a cooldown of 2 minutes will have a cooldown of 1 minute 3 seconds).

Not only does she reduce those cooldowns, she reduces the cooldowns of almost all powers in the game, including:

Kit powers
Captain powers
Weapon Secondary fire

Mines and Torpedoes
Bridge officer powers
Captain powers
Some (not all) unique console activatables

In space, this means that almost all powers are reduced to their minimum shared cooldown.

Check power cooldowns by opening the power menu and mousing over relevant powers.
Equip 3 of 'Rhianna' or higher quality Romulan Transporter Officer DOffs to your ground roster
Check power cooldowns by opening the power menu and mousing over relevant powers.
Manually test powers to confirm that this is not a display change, only.

Release a temporary hotfix that completely removes this duty officer's effects, including the intended one, until a complete fix is possible.

I'm sorry to be the one to unleash this on STO, but it would have happened anyway, and I needed a thread to point to for the pvp tournament.

Further information:
Tested and found to be not affected by these DOffs:
Away Team Powers (Ground)
Multivector Separation (Space, Multivector Advanced Escort)
Non-pet ground consumables (Hypo, etc)
Space Batteries
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# 2
12-23-2012, 03:28 PM
and i though the tier 4 passive was the worst bug in the history of the game. WOW. proboly wont be fixed till january when the team is fully intact again
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12-23-2012, 03:30 PM
I don't have access to a T1 embassy, so I can't confirm or deny this bug. I just want to point out that we had a similar issue with the first iteration of the omega engines. These were supposed to reduce the cooldowns on transwarp powers (or was it slipstream drive?) and ended up reducing almost every cooldown instead. Maybe someone made the same coding mistake again?

EDIT from BranFlakes: Thanks for the report. I passed this along to the team. ~Brandon

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