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I wrote the mission and wanted to get some play throughs and reviews to qualify it for the daily officer report.

It's titled "Duty Officer Assignment 1" in the foundry. Its 30 mins. more or less depending on what you choose to read. Its based off the in-game doff mission Rescue Butterfly from Death by Trampling, when you activate a temporal beacon. The mission has over a dozen unique and familiar characters with hopefully interesting personalities. You visit the Department of Temporal Investigations branch at Starfleet academy and is mostly based on Risa, which I'm reasonably happy with. The real in-game Risa is a let down for me, it feels blank to me. The Risa in my mission, I feel has a bit more character and more of what I think Risa should actually be like.

Its not really explained what goes on in those doff assignments and I wanted to tell it. I plan to do a series of doff missions where you're the officer or you're accompanying them while they go through the mission. I think there's some interesting and not so interesting stories there. The mission has light hearted humor and the next missions I'm thinking of doing will also have the same light hearted humour. Maybe the doff mission "special reserve" ... what makes it so special and who is it being reserved for?

Here's the published description of Duty Officer Assignment 1

"Temporal Assignment: Rescue Butterfly from Death by Trampling

Summary: Temporal disturbances in this sector are at an all-time high. Anomalous readings all point to a freak hurricane on Risa which will lead to the demise of several prominent figures. Stop this disaster before it occurs!

Authors Note: Want to find out what really goes on during those duty officer assignments?. This Doff assignment can be found in game by activating a temporal beacon found in a temporal lockbox.

More Duty Officer Assignments are coming soon. "Duty Officer Assignment 2: Special Reserve"

Be warned there are numerous map transitions with short objectives. I only realized the amount of loading times when I played through the whole thing a few times after I finished the whole thing. but I don't think I could've told it any other way. I will keep this in mind for the next one.

Also I may not have been entirely too clear as to where to start the mission. It starts in Starfleet academy east building. Go towards the holodecks and in the first corridoor make a right and keep going until you reach the end door. I should've put it someplace else maybe, but I think this is the best place to have put it.

I'm reasonably happy with it except the ending map, I planned on adding in dialog. The what happens to the characters after the mission, where are they now type of thing. But duplicate map is bugging out and misplacing all the objects and adding some random dialog to all the placed objects ... it would've taken too long to replace and fix everything so I left it out.

I also planned on adding in more random actors and a few more interesting characters to make Risa become more "alive" but I've already spent more time creating it than I care to admit. But I had fun creating the whole thing. Maybe you'll enjoy it too.

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Sounds intriguing. Guess I'll check it out.
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This is an excellent mission. There's a lot of typos that you need to fix but other than that it was great. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind playing a mission with little combat.

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