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So now that winter break has started, iv'e had a chance to do some much overdue work to STOked Radio.

First the schedule for the shows I produce are as follows:

STOked Radio -

Live on Saturdays @ 2pm EST / 11am Pst

Jupiter Station Radio (Music & Talk Radio)-

Live on Saturdays @ 12am EST (Saturday Mornings)/ 9pm EST (Friday Nights)

Recent Changes / Updates

1: Livestream.Com/Stokedradio -

Livestream is now the primary video streaming hosting service for STOked Radio & Jupiter Station. All future Live & Replay On Demand Episodes will be hosted with Livestream.Com

2: STOkedRadio.Net -

The Domain now directly goes to the Jupiter Station TV Channel hosted by which plays 24/7 replays of the most recent 2 episodes of STOked in its raw live format and the most recently 2 published episodes of Foundry Files.

3: -

Finally STOked Radio has a Facebook Fan page. Anytime any episode of STOked Radio or Jupiter Station goes live a post will be made there

4: Twitter:@STOkedMav -

My twitter handle had changed to make it easier for fans to follow announcements when im about to go live for either STOked Radio or Jupiter Station

5: Homepage -

The main homepage layout has changed for better organization and coordination of its content. Front and center the Jupiter Station feed from Livestream runs 24/7 in muted mode (Commercials & AD's are not silenced). The Jupiter Station chat, fleet donation buttons, and JSTV On demand search Folders are relocated and made easier to see as well as recent posts and articles sections

6: STOked Radio & Jupiter Station Email -

The show contact email is always

7: Trekradio.Net

STOked Radio will continue to be syndicated live on Trekradio.Net for the Audio only feed

8: Audio & Video Subscriptions Service (RSS, iTunes)

I am working on fixing and automating publishing and making MP3 & MP4 available for play & download through youtube or directly through the forums.

More updates will follow as they arise.

Thanks always for your continued support

STOked Radio & Jupiter Station
Livestream |
Facebook | STOked Radio
Youtube | STOked Radio
Twitter | @STOkedRadio

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