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12-23-2012, 10:23 PM
You know what I dont get? Most of the people opposed to the nerf..still suggest they are useless and they are easy to counter. If that is the case, why use them? why even argue about if they need a nerf? Wost part is, "It will wreck pve", well if they are so bad and difficult to get them to fire off properly then why use them?

Answer: They are in need of a nerf. The more some one argues about how weak or difficult it is to use the higher the chance its a bit imbalanced. If they were this hard to use, and weak, there would not be the large amount of Tric bombers there is currently in pvp.

And just to get a handle on what people are saying I decided to Tric my ship out, full on with the Temporal sci ship and my fleet mate with the Temporal destroyer, and went into some stfs, both elite and normal. In addition after that we decided to go with escorts.

In both cases they were so simple to use, even too simple. Did we one shot everything between us? No, but we did a good job of face rolling over things that got hit by them.

Saying that these things are not in need of a little bit of tweaking is like saying the old Viral Matrix was just fine. They dont need to be flattened by nerfs but they do need adjusting.

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