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12-24-2012, 10:19 AM
I personally like a ship that can move better than a cruiser which is why I am happy with the Vesta(s). Cruisers are alright sometimes. I can imagine just doing something crazy like putting 8 beams on it and keeping one side to your enemy. I imagine it's hard as heck to fight off 8 beams eating your face Still, the vestas have all sorts of goodies. The consoles are alright as just to mess around, I stuck them all on one of my seldom used characters and tried to see how fast I could go with the special drive it is was like whoah! Without buffs, I hit warp 29.8 which was nice, it lasted 45 seconds, and had a small 1 minute cooldown which would be amazing for the tour. Also being able to have the shuttles flying around, bugging your enemies is nice.

I hear a lot of people trashing the oddy in ESD chat. I can't say much about them because I don't have much use for a cruiser as it doesn't really mesh with my play style. If you want something that turns well and has all around survivability, go with the vesta. If you like something with a big hull for tanking, give the Oddy a try.
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