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12-24-2012, 09:24 AM
"There are plenty of other games out there and if you don't give me the player vs player experience that scratches that itch sufficiently, then i will just click on Battlefield 3 instead (and i have done so for 200+ hours so far (if you love statistics so much, here are some!). Granted my STO playtime is 3000+ hrs now, but very few of those are PvP hours)."

Try Planetside 2, it's free to download, and you're playing with thousands of players on the battlefield instead of Battlefields 64.

Someone mentioned earlier that new players come into pvp against old players who are decked out in the best gear, and they get destroyed. This happens in most mmos, like WoW, Guild Wars 2, etc. People who have been playing longer have the better gear. Guild Wars 2 has structured pvp, where everyone is using preset gear, so everyone basically has the same stats, but they can choose what kind of armor or weapons they want to use. Like one person may want to use a two handed sword with precision and vitality while someone else may want vitality and healing power.

I think STO could do something like this. Add a new form of pvp where you are only allowed to use preset ships with preset stats and abilities, then true skill would come into play; maybe this could be an arena type thing.

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