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11-30-2012, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
I don't really get where players on these forums are getting the inactivity claims. PvP is 10x more active than it was pre-season seven. There have been literally no changes in the queue timing for STFs and other PvE content. I have seen absolutely no drop in the number of players logging on friends list since season seven launch. The addition of marks and dilithium to fleet actions has significantly helped my ~45 member fleet. As for all of these "increased grind claims", everything needed to update the fleet starbase can be obtained through the duty officer system (marks, dilithium, EC, commodities). It is just a matter of how fast a base progresses through using just the doff system. The only added "grind" is the fact that you have to run 1 STF (15 minutes) and 2 vault shuttle events (10 minutes) a day in order to meet your mark quota to keep the XP projects rolling.

If a player wants to max their dilithium, all they really need to do is 9-15 PvP matches (1 - 4 hours, depends on how well matched the teams are) or 6-7 Elite STFs (1 hour 45 minutes - 3 hours) or 12-16 fleet actions (2 -3 hours). That is assuming the player only earned 800 dilithium from the duty officer system that day and you are running these missions in PUG. Running these missions with fleetmates will shave off an hour or so. Ths also doesn't even go into the fairly quick daily missions in Deferi Space, Starfleet academy, explore strange new worlds, or the Eta Eridani Sector block.

The duty officer system can be a sole source of dilithium. You may not hit the cap every day, but you will come close. I usually get around 4000-7000 dilithium from the system if I am trying to use the reputation system for dilithium grinding. Sure, it takes time traveling throughout the galaxy picking up specific projects (about 45 minutes) and hoping for a crit, but it can be worth it. The projects are certainly a nice alternative if I don't feel like grinding through missions. Running the turn in contraband assignment will significantly decrease the number of missions you need to hit the cap (2000 dilithium for 5 contraband). A critical success on Dilithium Mining will result in a 1000 dilithium reward. Turning in 1 of each type of prototype weapons platform plans to "Gamma Quadrant Allies" will give 1000 dilithium on normal and 3000 dilithium on crit, along with three large stacks of gamma quadrant commodities. Resettle colonists (500 dilithium) and resolve missions also give high rewards.

So to be perfectly honest, I don't see why there is an outcry over the dilithium changes. Nor do I see where the inactivity claims currently sweeping the forums is coming from. Cryptic nerfed the hell out of the tier 0 and 1 projects to a point where I could solo them with relative ease if I wanted to. Tier II is much tougher, but even small fleets can advance quite steadily with some effort. It doesn't take dozens of players to get to tier III in a decent amount of time. That's just my two energy credits.
Um...what time are you on? Being sick monday an' Tuesday was rather a good chance at insight, (being as I was actually able to look in during hours I"m normally at work putting airframes together.)

I didn't see much that fits your sunny descriptions, honestly-teh PvP ques were still largely empty, (in fact, still far emptier than they were at 2AM PST any weekday in Season Six...and I'm talking about checking "Mid Day" and "Early Evening" hours U.S. time!)

Friends? given the length of MY list, seeing only the same four or five names as being "on line" at the MOST..? (and most often, not nearly that many.)

Fleet listing? Ten tops, and I'm in a fairly big fleet fedside, and the sister-fleet to that Klink side.

Not seeing all this heightened activity you're fanboing over, to be honest. Cruising Qo'Nos or ESD, parking's still not a problem, finding PEOPLE still is, and DS9's never in my experience been as empty, with as few RUNNING instances, as i've seen since S7's Launch day-it was NEVER this empty in Seasons 5 and 6.

Not even right after a patch.

so I gotta ask yas, when are you actually on?
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Blaming PvP for nerfs is like blaming Eudromaeosauria for today's urban crime rates.
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Just wondering how things are going...........

Originally Posted by lastcontact View Post
Due to the recent events (S7). Has anyone else had/noticed a drop in activity?

If not, why not?

If so, why?

My reasons are as follows:

1) I look back and see I do not have much to log in for, every 2 days or so on 1 or 2 toons is all I can handle.

2) There is no reason for me to log now, I did grind 25-30 toons thru the daily Investigate's for the dil and marks to work on fleet stuff ..... not now.

3) What the game was for me is gone, all that is left is 'content'. Or crippled attempts to do what was being done over a year ago. "Just bad foundary grinds on SOME new maps".

*Can STO recover?

What would it take? (to get the stats from 30 days ago, consultant fee pending)

a) try a bad attempt at recovering via make it like it was to appease
b) get/put them back, those who were doing 14 months ago and fix what is broken
c) FIRST have a 'wanna work here?' with staff house cleansing.

This is from my (and others I know, not speaking for them) view ON STO recovering in my mind TO ME and FOR ME.
A recovery is needed for me to regain INTREST again.

How are things now? I have not logged on for awhile......
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12-24-2012, 09:28 AM
S-7 has been great........, for Bethesda. Entire guild is playing Skyrim (still BS-ing on vent tho) and waiting for TESO.

Haven't logged in since before S-7.
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12-24-2012, 09:38 AM
i've seen quite a bit of activity drop ds9 zone chat is abandoned stf ground is sometimes a very long wait 20 mins ect breaking the planet i used to do a few times a week but i cant do it at all without the people most are doing or failing mine trap lol it'd be nice to see how many are queued for what i am then maybe i'd join that queue and no longer wait on a 1 person me queue for almost half an hour when s8 comes all i ask for is to see how many are queued up so i can join a queue with 1 or 2 missing from starting then hopefully start it and have fun with who was waiting a small request if any devs read this to put it forward as an idea
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12-24-2012, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by esquire1980 View Post
Haven't logged in since before S-7.
You aren't really in a position to comment on the state of a game that by your own admission you don't play.
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Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
You aren't really in a position to comment on the state of a game that by your own admission you don't play.
I really do not believe I made a comment either way for how great S-7 is for STO. I believe the statement was that it was decent for Bethesda. Many $65 buys have been made for Skyrim, along with the additional funds for plug-ins and expansions, and they got to enjoy the cash made from their game.

This is often the end result when developers do NGEs or mini NGEs (changing the way their game works via changes or nerfs) but the market will tend to flush these situations out. In this case, Cryptic's development plans have done some good for another company, pretty much was the same with the original NGE over in Galaxies with SOE.

These developers know history, Jackalope has been around for a long time. And the fact that STO could be possibly suffering loss of playerbase due to their CHANGES was easily forseen as a possible problem.

And BTW, this is coming from a closed beta vet with all the vet days since pre-launch.
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12-24-2012, 06:05 PM
Hmmm... Nope. Still as populated as I've ever seen it.
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Holiday season and travel has kicked in and I'm starting to see queue times expanding but it might clear up in a week or so though...
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December 15, 2012 was the last time I logged into "Star Trek: Online". As a result of burning out from endless grinding and boring game mechanics, I felt it was time to take an indefinite hiatus. Before I signed out of the system, I did notice a downward trend in STF ground participants. Until Cryptic does something to restore my passions, I will continue to remain in a state of hiatus. I will return someday. I just need a reason.
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I log in everyday but it is only for a few minutes to do the Winter race so I can get my free breen ship however after I've done the race I normally log off again and play somewthing less grinding

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