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Originally Posted by earwigvr6 View Post
Went into my fleet bank alst night and there was quite a seclection of weopons and gear that are available just to take. I was allowed up to 8 a day in some of the sections !

This included shileds, consoles etc...

My fleet it seems might be one of the better ones. Only problem is all the projects right now involve giving away my dilithium, which I want to keep for the Rep system and borg gear..... :-(
I'm in your shoes as a new player and what I do to help myself feel like I'm contributing but also keep some for my own needs is I contribute about 500 dil a day to fleet projects. It adds up and definitely helps, but it's not so much that I can't afford it.

some days when I earn a lot of dil I give a bit more, like all 1,400 from the daily explore or something.

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