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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
I believe her phrasing was "it's not crunch time yet Ensign" the first time Harry screwed it up and called her Sir.
Harry called her Sir.

She said she didn't like to be called Sir

Harry says Ma'am

She says "Ma'am is acceptable, but only in a crunch."

Later, Harry says "Ma'am" and she says "It's not crunch time yet, but I'll let you know."
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It's a perfectly legit (and harmless) question. He just want's to know how to fine-tune dialog to balance narrative immersion with player variety. I have no idea what he's done or what attitudes he's represented in other threads, but I see no PC agenda implied here by this thread.

Back on topic:
From what I remember of the of the shows/movies, "sir" is lore-correct for addressing both male and female officers of higher rant, and "Ma'am" was just a personal preference by Janeway. But that's been covered better by others. the real question I guess, is do you go with something gender neutral but not always lore or dialog flow friendly to appease players who don't remember the shows, or do you stick to the lore and write off any complaints as the players own look-out? I'd be inclined to the latter, myself, but I guess that's a matter of personal preference and/or style, and doesn't have a real "right" answer.

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If people are getting upset about being called "Sir" in a mission, Then just start calling them "Honey", or "Toots". That will bring them back to reality..
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I played one (quite good) mission where I was consistantly addressed as "Commander"
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It's not possible - within the context of Foundry limitations - to please everybody. I mean, for starters, how do you handle us Andorians? (Besides "with care".) You binary-gender species just don't understand us.

Ahem. Anyway. Given that it's not possible to put in some context-dependent-personal-preference-rank-and-gender-appropriate tag, the best thing to do... is to go with the established protocol as far as we know it. "Sir" seems to be the way to do it, really.

My feeling is that anyone who gets bent out of shape over that issue... is probably going to find something else to get bent out of shape over, anyway. There's no pleasing some people.
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Andorians are easy just use the rank
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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Sir is correct in the military

and anyone saying "im female not male" probably isn't

The official military protocal is "Sir" at least as of circa 1991, and though starfleet would deny it they are a military organization.
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Ignoring monkeybones and thanking everyone else for staying on the topic, which is indeed trying to figure out how to balance dialog when writing for a very diverse audience.

It has always struck me as starfleet protocol as presented did indeed adress Senior Officers as 'Sir', yet i am seeing a large number of comments like "not all officers are male" etc etc.

It seems that there is varied opinion on this matter.
Seemed a fair question.

The janeway quote that "despite starfleet protocol" she didn't like being called Sir, is enough for me to consider it Star Trek canon that protocol is indeed that way.

At least for my missions.
I'll be sticking with a variety of Sir, and Addressed by Rank.
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12-24-2012, 04:25 PM
Hehe... I like the thing with chan and thaan. It's a cool aspect of the race.

Enh... I typically avoid using those terms myself, I use the rank more often, or just "Captain". After all, all player characters are Ship Captains regardless of their actual rank.

Real world uses Sir or Ma'am depending on gender.

I can haz joystick!
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Originally Posted by beerstickman View Post
If people are getting upset about being called "Sir" in a mission, Then just start calling them "Honey", or "Toots". That will bring them back to reality..
You are absolutely the winner today.

that is all.

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