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Just a small proposal to Cryptic about the Foundry editor.

When creating complicated map levels (such as the Enterprise-D corridors, hint hint), I find myself annoyed by the fact that newly placed objects cover the old ones - so if I add a roof halfway through my project, then I unfortunately see half the map I created. It's also a pain in the neck to remove the roof if its draggable point is in a cluster of other objects.

I'm proposing two small solutions which could revolutionize the way authors create their maps in the Foundry editor.

1) Add the ability to create/disband groups of objects, and to name/rename groups. This will allow authors to assign names to components of their map, such as floors, roofs, doors, and even NPC groups and contacts. You can move them around collectively, rotate them, delete the group and all of its objects, and expand the group if needed. Also, this idea would be greatly affected by the next one...

2) Add the ability to assign layers to objects and/or groups, and to enable/disable seeing the layer at will. This idea isn't new, Adobe Photoshop has been using this for years. By using layers, we can assign, say, a group of roofs to be shown as non-visible. That way, authors like me can get to the meat of the map, and not be concerned with shifting the roof back on once the adjustments have been made. Also, you could take Adobe Photoshop's idea of locking the layers, so they cannot be moved or deleted until unlocked.

All of these ideas would need a new bar specifically for groups and layers. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind though, since the benefits far exceed the drawbacks.

I really hope to see this come to frutition, the Foundry is good, but not great. Hopefully this will help a lot of people create their maps easier in the Foundry editor.

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