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I put up a post last night, but didn't get much feedback. I'm an engineer. I've got a Defiant Retrofit now. My fleet just got done with the tier 3 shipyard. I could get a Fleet Defiant-R.
But, I'm leaning towards the Armitage, 'cause I like the Akira. I don't do PvP, I do STFs, the Romulan Patrol missions, and the occasional fleet event mission.

My next question is, if I get the Armitage, should I also get the Thunderchild for it's console?
Right now I'm running AP DHCs with 3 AP consoles and the borg console with cutting beam.
I'm a couple days away from the Omega Torp to finish the set. I could get the Armitage & Thunderchild consoles with two AP consoles and stick the borg console somewhere else (probably give up one of my Neutronium Armor consoles.)

Are the point defense consoles worth giving up AP consoles for? Would the extra ability and fighters make up for the loss in DPS?

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12-24-2012, 11:01 PM
Well both of those consoles are universal, you wouldn't have to put them in tac slots.

That said, you'd be better off sticking with normal AP consoles entirely. I'm not saying that the consoles are bad, they can be good, but with their long cooldowns, you'll be waiting awhile to use em again.

Plus, both consoles tend to pull aggro, big time. Aggro you may not want. That said, getting your Omega set would be better for you. The console, torp, and cutting beam are an excellent combo, and provide better bonuses and use then the consoles would.

Even so, they can still be useful. Both PDS consoles can lay down a hurting on a great many targets. One by itself can be good.

Ironically, Torpedo Point Defense is better against multiple targeting, normal Point Defense is too, but can be wicked against a single target.

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12-24-2012, 11:07 PM
tactical consoles always go damage bonus i end up taking up sci or engineering for universal consoles. I use the pds to kill tholion webs myself.
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12-25-2012, 12:35 AM
Sounds cool. I think I've got a little wiggle room with my Science and Engineering consoles. I'll leave my tac consoles the way they are. I'm definitely looking forward to the Omega set.

I may just buy the Armitage first and see how it goes. I forgot I had the Thunderchild on my tribble toon. I may try the Armitage there and test the build on tribble first.
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12-25-2012, 04:07 AM
If nothing else you will have fun flying the armitage around and wrecking faces with it. It's basically an escort with added utility from it's hangar. Therefore, I say buy it, enjoy, and then decide if it was a good idea. In that order. XD
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the armitage is a pretty nasty dps boat in its own right, but even that said its pretty effective at tanking, especially if you use shield repair drones with it... so for utility, id say its very useful. as far as how effective the dps drones are, kinda a toss up. ya the torps do help, and keeping the carrier pets on intercept does keep the area clear of hy plasma torps and mines, so that's always a plus. Honestly I don't think the 5th tac console slot is that much of a noticeable dps increase anyway.
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12-25-2012, 04:47 AM
They are both good depending on what you want the Armitage consol is good when you have lots of ships around you.The Thunderchild consol is good when you have fighter around you or light ships.You being a Geer go with the Armitage one.
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I must say I was so disappointed when I bought the Thunderchild for the console as I couldn't find if the thing had a cooldown or was always on.
Then I learned,.. 3 minutes CD?! For the mass photon spam spread I get the CD, but the defense system is no defense system with that massive cooldown.

It does work excellent tho on a shuttle!
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12-25-2012, 05:32 AM
in my opinion it does not pay out to get the thunderchild console for you, because you are not using phasers.

no matter what setup you are going to run allways use 4 (5 if possible) AP consoles...that is the most BAM you can ever get. Never ever, waste a tac console with a universal console, especially not for PVE only content.

personally i can think of no reason why you should not get the fleet defiant for your engi. the extra energy and survivability work perfect on that ship, and with 5 tac consoles you will not get a ship with a higher dmg potential. Sure the armitage has a hangar, but only 9 consoles and a little less turnrate.

anyway, both are great ships...really boils down to personal flavour, since for the content you plan to do with it, there won't be much difference in performance.

since you can stack tac consoles endlessly without diminishing return, it would be foolish to give even one up for an armor console, or shield amplifier.

I must say I was so disappointed when I bought the Thunderchild for the console as I couldn't find if the thing had a cooldown or was always on.
Then I learned,.. 3 minutes CD?! For the mass photon spam spread I get the CD, but the defense system is no defense system with that massive cooldown.

It does work excellent tho on a shuttle!
yeah, you need phaser consoles+ some buffs...then it really does A LOT of dmg, and i mean klingon scout force, the BoP ball, consisting of 8+ ships, gone before the console has finished it's fireing cycle.
or KASE...4-5 probe spawn...gone in seconds.

and it is a must have, as you said, for your shuttle...basically you can be swarmed with scorpion click, they are gone.
i would consider it among the best universal consoles for phaser users around.

FYI: the armitage console (torp spread) is for armitage only...just saying in case that was not clear.
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