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I put up a post last night, but didn't get much feedback. I'm an engineer. I've got a Defiant Retrofit now. My fleet just got done with the tier 3 shipyard. I could get a Fleet Defiant-R.
But, I'm leaning towards the Armitage, 'cause I like the Akira. I don't do PvP, I do STFs, the Romulan Patrol missions, and the occasional fleet event mission.

My next question is, if I get the Armitage, should I also get the Thunderchild for it's console?
Right now I'm running AP DHCs with 3 AP consoles and the borg console with cutting beam.
I'm a couple days away from the Omega Torp to finish the set. I could get the Armitage & Thunderchild consoles with two AP consoles and stick the borg console somewhere else (probably give up one of my Neutronium Armor consoles.)

Are the point defense consoles worth giving up AP consoles for? Would the extra ability and fighters make up for the loss in DPS?

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