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alot of people don't believe this, but the frosted boots actually give you slightly more traction on the race tracks, I know it doesn't say that in the tool tips and I don't know if they're supposed to do that, but if you actually try it, you'll find that you have a little bit more control then otherwise.

Oh, and they removed the time limit on the boots too, so if you've got last years in the bank somewhere, they'll still work and you won't have to worry about using them up.

Don't worry about sprinting too much, the NPCs don't really move that fast. The default jog is usually enough to keep up. The NPCs also follow a narrow, predetermined, path in the middle of the track, so you can gain on them by cutting the right corners and taking to the inside of any curves, or any other way you can shave a few seconds. I usually reserve my sprinting to the final stretch (if I haven't already pulled ahead).

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