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# 1 weapon abilities suggestion
12-24-2012, 06:32 PM
I've got the omega launcher and romulan hyper torp on one of my toons. I'm loving these two launchers when used together, however theres something that's been kinda irking me a little bit.

I would like a pretty straight forward way to direct certain abilities to a specific weapon. For example, I rotate between HY 3 and 2 and keep them on cool down. Occasionally I use TS 1, but the problem is with out making an overly complicated macros, I can't guarantee which launcher is going to fire the spread or the HY shots. Yes, I know its doable but... just no.

I would very much like the ability to direct attacks that only add a single attack to a specific weapon. IE Torpedo HY, Spread, Beam Array Overload. Especially with the new gear that's coming from the rep system, and a lot of that being unique equipped... it just kinda makes sense that certain weapons would be better served for a specific roll. I find that the romulan torp is better for spreads and the omega torp is better for high yield shots. Additionally the experimental beam array has a significantly lower power consumption on overload shots.

I can't say how simple it would be to set this up but im thinking a subset of the ability to specify which weapons it goes to (all possible enabled by default).
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# 2
12-24-2012, 06:51 PM
Just take the torps off auto-fire, and when you use the ability, click on the torp you want to use. This can only work if you have the weapons tray in your UI.
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# 3
12-25-2012, 02:05 AM
that seems like a waste. I want to spam torps out there every chance I get, I just want to make sure the hy shots go to the omega launcher and the spreads go to the romulan launcher. I'm not gonna not shoot torpedoes just cause the boff ability is on cd.
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# 4
12-25-2012, 03:06 PM
My suggestion would to add an option to the game for "Tactical abilities pause auto fire".

Gun ability timers wouldn't start until all guns are ready. For example, when you use Fire At Will, all beams would finish their current firing and then stop auto firing until all beams are ready at the same time. Then the Fire At Will would commence, lasting the full 10 seconds for all beams.

Torpedo abilities would stop auto firing torpedoes and give you the usual 30 second window in which to use the special ability. This way if you have multiple torpedo tubes and you have a specific you always want to use with High Yield, then when you use High Yield your auto-fire would stop and you manually activate the specific launcher you want. Torpedo auto-fire would then resume.

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