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12-24-2012, 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Unlike that shield regen, we don't even know if this passive regen is increased with Shield Power (as standard shield regen is), or Aux Power (as shield heals like TSS are) or neither of the two.
The unfortunate part is that due to a bug (or by intention) once you have the tier 4 passive it seems that you can no longer view your passive shield regeneration under the status tab. Or maybe you can, and just I cannot, since I read this and decided to take a look-see and found to my rather large annoyance that I could no longer view passive shield regen.

And you are correct, the passive is far far FAR weaker than ANY of the TSS abilities, since unlike TSS, it doesn't harden your shields to damage. At all. It just increases passive regen. Hell, TSS1 with only 25 aux is better than this passive now (with the nerf and all), because it gives +100 shield regen to each facing and 10-15% shield hardening.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!
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12-26-2012, 03:44 AM
let me say this before i start since most people either agree with me or just don't feel that debating with me is much of an option... makes me feel kinda ignored

I agree to this full heartedly, they should atleast give players a get out of jail free card each time they nerf something. It's only fair. People only want to get things they really see as helpful and both communities PVE and PVP saw this as helpful since we expected it every 6 seconds (Shield regen) or placate, and to nerf it is not cool at all specially since you just released it, dam give me some time to enjoy my op status will ya. I want to feel their tears on my keyboard! I bet they are sooo sweet!

Now secondly I am PVP, i am born raised and strewn in the fires of battle. I am hardcore pvp so much to the fact that i don't believe players should be allowed to take on stf's unless they have killed 100 players of their faction and the enemy faction. When I make builds, I make PVP builds, when I give advice I give pvp advice that just makes players op in pve, I don't think you an call yourself ELITE unless you do pvp in some form or another so you can tweak and enhance your builds and skills. I have said it once I will say it again "If you can kill a good player in pvp you can take on the elite tac cube with no problem!"

Now I'm not a member of the Kittymomo-weaklings society of the world )Coining that phrase right along with Douchebaggery, feel free to use them with an homage to yours truly) But I feel deep down in my heart of hearts that an ENDGAME enemy like the BORG should be op as hell, i like that she can ohk some people, i'm not one of those people and i fly an escort so what the heck is wrong with the rest of you? She's gotta up her game and 2-3 hit me (compliments of hardcore pvp) but I believe they should be crushing us left and right, who the hell ever heard of 5 fed klink ships taking on a single borg cube let alone an entire army of Borgs and winning? I don't even follow the show that much and I know these things are supposed to be the end all to the universe. Whole fed armadas have been whipped out by one regular borg, let alone an elite one.

So do i like that they are making changes? yes. But do I like that players are complaining about dying in a PUG? Hell no, how the hell is this anyones fault other then your own that you are dying in a pug? Stop going into them and then complaining! That's like going to see twilight and then yelling it was gay after paying for the price of admission, wtf. Go with your own fleet or your own friends, if people don't want to go with you then you might be the weakest link in the group with the loudest mouth and players just want to avoid you. I do pugs because i expect them to go bad and i man up and i do my job, your job, his job, her job, and i enjoy it because I AM ELITE and not ELITIST. Please learn the difference....

But as I was saying, I do think they need to be less cryptic and tell us in no uncertain terms what a skill does in layman terms so we can make well thought out and weighted decisions as consumers or atleast give us a respec or two for free to show that you understand you made a mistake in trying to make the game more balanced but you did not expect the players to turn into the ***** and Moan circles they turn into the moment something good is given to them. We apologize that we are this way, some of us are the little brothers and some of us are the big brothers and i hope our little brothers don't make you too hesitant to give us anything in the future but for now can you please give little brother a Mulligan?

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