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12-26-2012, 11:00 AM
starchart: iconia is listed twice, once on the game map in former romulan space, the other is way off omega leonis.

shipcharts: 1) the grappler listed on all cruisers is misleading imo, as it implies the grappler is built into the cruisers or comes equipped with it. in actuality, only those who have the NX class (whether as a stand alone purchase or part of the ENT bundle) can use the grappler, and even then the grappler is universal and can be used on any ship, not just the cruiser class.

2) The use of "marks" is outdated and misleading. marks are now a thing of the past (minus the omega and romulan marks) and have been replaced with dilithum, as is the notion of buying ships using energy credits. Again, ships now cost dilithum or zen, not marks, not energy credits, not cryptic points.

3) Arrangement and organization needs attention. Quite frankly, the ships are listed in order of function and rank, but variants are slightly mishy mashy and helter skelter. You should split the ship charts into faction specific, separate charts. It would help with the arrangement issue somewhat, but that's my opinion.
On the subject of Abramsverse stuff in STO:
And more reasons against JJ Trek:
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