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Hello Captains,

I played this game for a couple months at launch, but found myself a bit confused regarding some game dynamics and skills. As life got busy, STO just dropped off the radar. i've recently started playing again, but I'm still very confused regarding some things as STO has had a ton of changes.

Yes, i've spent a lot of time reading the forums. i've seen the "this is what changed while you were gone" threads. I think at this point I'm suffering from information overload and confusion as I think the information in those threads isn't fully accurate now.

I've come back on a silver membership, so I know that affects some things. Here are some of my questions. I'd appreciate any responses. Thank you.

1) I guess I need to start getting dilithium, that's the big in-game currently, right?
1a) As a silver player, I understand I don't get it automatically. Where do I find missions to get some dilithium? I can't seem to find the right NPC to ask.

2) I know we've had economy changes and added these duty assignment crewmembers and things. What other aspects of the game do I really need to get up to speed on and utilize?

3) Crew points. I realize that when I hit the last level, I longer get points to apply to my own abilities and skills, but what about my crew? Do I still accumulate for them?
3A) If i can't get any more points to allocate to crew members once I hit the cap, I guess that means I better not screw up the allocation. Is it better to level up all space and ground abilities for 5 crew members and use them for everything, or should i do space abilities on some crew and ground abilities on others?

4)I'm a tactical captain, but I still am confused about the best way to go with weapons and such. AT this point, I'm PVE cause I suck. So, even with PVE, I'm confused. You need beam weapons to take down shields, right? Do I use pure beam and cannons or do I use torpedoes of some sort? And, if so, where, fore, aft?

I apologize for all the questions. I have spent a lot of time on the sto wiki and these forums. I guess the light bulb just isn't going off. There is quite a lot to assimilate. Assistance is appreciated.

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