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We all knew a new exploit would come around eventually. Well I found one and this one in particular makes me sick to my stomach.

A quick disclaimer: I don't normally participate in forum rages, much less start them but this one hits me at home. Fair warning, strong opinions ahead.

I'll start with the description.

BOFF Grinder: Feds of Fire

Let your Bridge officers do the work for you. Just set your Boffs to stand on the platform in the arena, start the mission at the console and go AFK for 16-18 minutes.

This mission will teleport you from the Loremaster rock in the Klingon Academy to The Grinder Arena for some Fed killing fun.

This mission is designed to get some Dilithium painlessly and to somewhat make up for the season seven nerfs and grinds

The mission itself is exactly what the description says. You set your Boffs to stand in an area then you go to a raised platform with a good view of the arena and activate a console. A wall then appears preventing enemies from getting in or you getting out. The battle goes on with no influence from your captain at all unless you can jump like a Catian/Ferasan.

The only redeeming quality of this mission is it's intelligent map design.

My own review follows:
One star
WTF is this? This is an affront to everything the Foundry is. I am literally sickened by this. The description alone makes me ill. The act that these grinders are at the top o the list over well crafted story driven missions boggles me mind.
The following review rebutted my own, claiming "*******" like me are the ones responsible for the nerfs.

What are your thoughts, do you disagree that this kind of mission is anathema to the spirit of the Foundry? Are Dilithium rewards so important that this gets higher ratings than others?
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