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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
Nope, STO PVP need not involve groups at all. I have a blast dueling my fleet mates in 1 on 1's, and I personally find it more rewarding when I win solo as opposed to knowing that I got the better of another player because I had help.

Individual players need not be forced into teams for the sole benefit of those that choose team-only game play. Cryptic has already tried to impose this team-only system on the STO player base, and the result are empty, silent PVP queues. Bottom line: the current PVP queue system has collapsed due to lack of attention towards the solo player.

Two years ago, I predicted that the PVP queues would die out without support for the solo player. It seems that my prediction has come to pass.
You're still not getting it? The lack of players isn't due to premades. The "noticeability" of premades in the queues is due to lack of players. There were more premades when the queues were hopping, but you saw them less because more players were queueing up. The game was a lot closer to balanced than it is now, and people weren't sick and tired of the same 2 game modes over and over. The lack of balance and PvP development is what killed the queues.

Again, symptom, not cause.

Arenas and Cap n Hold are not 1v1 situations. They are 5v5 or 8v8 situations, in an MMO, this implies teamwork. It is what the game was designed for. Why do you think powers like Extend Shields and Sci/Tac/Eng Fleet exist? Hint: it ain't just for you.
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIYOTT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ: Have you wondered that maybe all the things they've added to the gaem lately is to literally make PvP unbearable? Because everything they've added has no use in PvE at all; we know the big boss hates 14 yo min maxers

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