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12-27-2012, 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by racquerr View Post
Just reiterating, this fleet is still active and looking for fresh members to expand it's ranks.

Being one of the sub-leaders for this fleet, if you are interested, please send me an in-game mail to "@Racquerr" or a friends request. I do check my social tab often.

We also have a brand new Steam group. Use of the Steam client is completely optional, however it did seem like a good idea since a lot of us seem to use it. I am the leader of the Steam group and it can be found at

If you use Steam, send me a friends request there and leave a comment on my profile which can be found at

Even if you have a Gorn character you casually play, you're welcome to join. We have a mix of casual and dedicated Gorn only characters. I myself are one of the full time Gorn & KDF players. The only requirement (besides you must be Gorn) is that you participate and contribute whenever you can and have fun. We primarily participate in PvE, STFs with opportunities in PvP as well. There is also light RP for those of you who enjoy that, however it isn't required. Most of us are on during U.S. and early European times, with the bulk of members being on during those times.

We are voice comm enabled. I do rent a Mumble for use with STO and other games as well with a 50 member capacity.

Just a quick addendum to the last post:

Embassy projects are up on-going as well. Just reminder to fleet members, the Starbase takes precedence. However with the new "Investigate Officer Reports (Repeatable)" mission, there's plenty of resources and marks to throw around.

As always, new perspective members should mail and add me "@Racquerr" or one of our other on-line members in-game for fleet invites or to inquire for more information.

The same can be done on our Steam page if you use that as well.

The Gorn Resistance

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