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12-28-2012, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Have to admit, have done quite a few ISE's over the last few days and MOST of them weren't too bad - seems that some of the newer players, who thought that their shiny new Vesta = I win, have either switched to other ships or are doing something else.

I agree. Other than being CHEATED out of my Omega Marks in a CSN the teams seem to have been fairly good, at least all day yesterday. I could hear one of my fleet mates in the other room yelling 'You Blankedy Blank Blank Blank' so he might not be doing quite so well.

There's still lots of rainbows and skittles to contend with but all the rounds have been won dispite them.

As far as Lag goes, Dad bought 5 static IP's from the phone company just for STO and that seems to have fixed any problem we had. There's 5 active STO players here and two on a router playing WOW for a total of 7 computers. All can be going at once with no lag.


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