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12-28-2012, 08:07 AM
Beams do have...major issues right now. Lets say we have a ship with 6x BAs and a ship with 3x DHC/3x Turrets both at 125 power (yes i know you can over-cap ill get to that).

On a full volley the beam arrays will fire (6x4) 24 shots in roughly 4 seconds with a 1 second recharge.

1 @ 125 power
1 @ 115 power
1 @ 105 power
1 @ 95 power
1 @ 85 power
19 @ 75 power

By contrast a DHC/Turret combo will fire one shot per DHC every two seconds roughly.

1 @ 125 power
1 @ 113 power
1 @ 101 power
- turrets are not important

And then the weapons all reset and repeat the pattern, usually. Granted they have been adding ways to mitigate the power drain but still, that is bad especially when DHCs get an innate 2% crit boost.

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