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12-28-2012, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by ghostivan View Post
what is an ATB build ?
Auxillary to Battery (AtB) is an ability that takes your existing Aux power and converts it to Weapons, Shields and Engine power for a limited duration while sinking your Aux to zero.

Used with 3 Technician DOff (Purple is best) the use of AtB has a chance to proc an very good reduction in cool downs on all your BOff abilities.

Use twin AtB with 3 Technicians and you can keep most of your abilities on a near-constant uptime.

for example;


TT1 APd1 CRF2 ApO3

Such builds take timing and pratice to work right (or a good key bind) becuase of the Aux depletion, but when they do they can be very effective.
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