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# 1 Earning the Breen Ship
12-28-2012, 09:31 AM
Its never an easy task to earn this magnificent ship. If you were given a few extra days to earn one would it be beneficial to us in general. The answer is yes. If you extend the date until the rerun of episodes end, We could have enough people finishing the Autographs.
The only problem, However, is do we all want the Breen ship or do we just want to give up onto this amazing ship.

Truth be told i wouldn't and its wasn't easy because i was busy on certain days while the event ran and I have been missing a few days worth of autographs. "Its easier to extend a few days, If one person and enough people of support the ship can be ours and we can do incredible things with it.

The only problem is that if you have nearly enough of the 1000 Q's Autographs and you missed a few days wouldn't you agree with this and actually support this cause. It a ship and if you want it we need support to get a couple of days or even to January 14th. just as long as we earned enough of autographs to obtain this mysteriously ship that if was put on the lobi store would cost more most likely more then the actual temporal destroyer (Much firepower but overprice) and we wouldn't want that. Now what do you think. Are you on board or are you just "thinking why should I care I got the ship" A decision that is up to you to decide.

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