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# 13 hey
12-28-2012, 03:01 PM
In my opinion (opinion being the key word here)

If you want a fun ride steady rate of half decent damage(masses of damage with micromanagement of brothls BOPs) some wicked science tricks and subsystem targetting the voquv is in another league

If you want to fly a ship that deals damage and is focused more towards tactical go for the karfi only fault or should i say problem i found with this is you end up flying it like a raptor/escort which is fine because its capable of doing this but i just kept thinking my mirror qin can do everything this can and it can turn but thats just me its still a great ship especially when your running 15k shields on each facing its as mean as it looks in the pictures

p.s. the bop AI isn't as bad as people say all you have to do is THINK for example taking on a tac/standard cube have your bops cloaked behind you take down shield facing with your own weapons(beam overload works a treat or CPBIII) click the little attack button and watch the quantum fireworks annihilate the Borg scum then click recall/relaunch and do the same again

Forgot my build -

Shield manipulation build -

Tac Boff - TT1, HY2, AttPattOm1

Eng Boff - EmPwrToSh1, EPTS2

Sci Comm - Tractor beam 1, TSS2, Tachyon beam 3, CPB 3

Sci Le - Hazard Emitters 1, Tss2

Fore -

Dual polarized disrupter beams x2 Plasma torpedo

Aft -

Disrupter turrets x3

This is all pve i switch in grav well 3 and tractor 3 for pvp aswell as 6x beam arrays with beam overload 2

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