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# 1 Brief T5 Omega requests
12-29-2012, 05:52 AM
Just hit T5 and was surprised by the following:

No Adapted Omega set (yet?). Please create one.

My MACO MXII Battle Rifle does not count toward completing the Adapted set (different sets) and thus the IMR. I'd like to be able to utilize IMR on Adapted while using my MACO XII Battle Rifle. Perhaps create a IMR weapon unlock for Adapted for the MACO MXII Battle Rifle. Like the Adapted costume unlock...(more in my afterthought).

Where are the lovely non-set anti-Borg Space weapons? Please bring these back.

After thought: Paying for a costume unlock and to customize? I believe I understand the logic, but why not just add the costs into the set unlock?
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