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# 1 Space: Teams (Eng, Sci, Tac)
12-29-2012, 04:50 AM
Which of the above are considered (if any):
A. Must slot (2 and/or Doffs recommended)
B. You'd better have a good reason not to (Just 1)
C. Leave-able (Maybe 1)
D. Junk (Leave it - takes cooldown from good abilities)

Also does this depend on career?

I would assume based on what I've half read that:
Tac Team is type A.
(Auto distribute is brilliant, removing boarding parties useful, damage buff a bonus)
Sci Team is Type B.
(mostly for curing sci debuffs, the shield heal is so-so and Hazard Emitters is the must-slot)
Eng Team either C or D
(EPtS(x2) take the ensign slot(s) and Aux2SIF is the instant heal of choice it seems)

But I'm interested in what people say, so...

P.S. Also are there any other powers that everyone (all careers) must take at least one of beside my presumed Hazard Emitters and EPtS
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12-29-2012, 06:58 AM
In my personal experience, there are better alternatives to Engineering team. If you fly a cruiser, I'd recommend a copy of it to work in tandem with Aux2Structural. Aux2Structural is a better choice because it is a good heal and damage resistance that recharges twice as fast and doesn't share cooldown with other "team" powers.

Science team is really good, especially against things like Subnucleonic Beam. I recommend a rank I or II, depending on what other sci powers you want. TSS is a decent alternative, but definitely not as good as Aux2Structural is to Eng team. I recommend Science Team AND TSS on a high-level science healer/tank and sci team only on everything else.

Tac team is arguably the most impacting of "teams." It auto-distributes shields which is a major plus already. It buffs damage (WHOO DAMAGE!) and removes boarding parties. The only downside to it is that it shares cooldown with other team abilities.

So, in conclusion, I recommend a Tac Team I on ANYTHING unless you have a good reason not to run it. I also recommend Aux2Structural over Eng team, but if you can afford the slots, get both. Same with Science team over TSS.

All in all, the cooldowns aren't bad, and the reduced cooldown from doffs can help with that.
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12-29-2012, 08:17 AM
The real reason I asked is that as you can only really run 2 teams due to global cooldown, given Tac team is so essential really, you seem to run into a difficult choice:

Slot 1 Tac Team + 1 Other (Probably Sci)
Run Tac Team as often as possible (maybe with Doffs) and either save the sci for clearing subnucleonic beam etc. when its available OR just alternate them. running the risk that they're on the wrong side at any given time.
Advantages: No Wasted Slots, Variety of Available Choices
Disadvantages: Quite low Tac Team uptime, long vulnerable periods.

Slot 2 Tac Team + 1 Sci Team
Try for Maximum Uptime if Tac Team, Rotate Sci Team in when needed.
Advantages: Sci Team is never >15s away unless you've just used it.
Disadvantages: Sci Team is just sitting there ~90% of the time where something else would be used.

Slot 2 Tac Team (or 1 and Max Purple Doffs), no others
Advantages: Maximum Tac Team uptime, no Boff slots sitting waiting.
Disadvantages: Sci Debuffs HURT

One of Each.
Adv: Always Something worth running.
Dis: Again 1 slot is always waiting for all it runtime, low Tac team uptime.

Currently I have:
Sci 1 and Tac 1 (on a Sci ship so)

though as I plan to ride my shiny new Chel'grett in 2 days (i.e when I get it)
I was considering Tac1x2 and no sci team.

TT1, CS1, CRF2, APO3
TT1, TS1

HE1, Tykens 1, GW 1
EPtS 1, Aux2Sif1
EPtS 1

though I'm not quite sure on the Tac Skills (perhaps CRF1/CS1 and APB 2?). Probably should replace Tyken's with TSS2 as well (but I like Tykens (and I have maxed particle genrators), so HE1, TSS2, Tyken2? but that loses grav well)

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