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12-29-2012, 08:36 PM
I have been playing STO since the second weekend of closed beta. I have been a lifetime subscriber since before the early start perios before launch. What I have not been, is a hardcore endgame player. While I initially was very enthusiastic about playing a KDF captain, the realities imposed before launch ended that for not only myself, but many players. Most left and never came back. I was committed to the game, and my Fed fleet, so I stayed, though I dabbled with a couple of KDF captains.

I recently took control of our joint fleet KDF branch, and the KDF captain I have been playing recently took possession of a Vo'Quv carrier. While it is just the vanilla version, and I only have the EC versions of the BOP, I have to say, I will not play anything other than a Vo'Quv again. I have had to restructure my BO skills, my consoles, and my weapons choices, not to mention my playstyle. It is all worth it.

I was in love with the battlecruisers from the start, eschewing the BOP and the raptors. Nothing in Starfleet could compare with a battlecruiser, especially the Vor'cha class and it's variant, the Tor'khat. But now I am in love with that fat targ, the Vo'Quv, and I will be a carrier man until they pull the plug on the game.

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