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# 1 Could I get advice on Engis?
12-29-2012, 09:47 AM
Alright, here's the scenario: I have a fed VA Engi, that I adore. In terms of "not lvl 40" ships, I have a steamrunner retrofit, a wells temporal sci vessel, and I'm 1 day from the breen ship.

I do dang well on the ground, and I can take a lot of damage in the temporal sci vessel. That said, I'd like some help with "doing more damage" in space strikeforces WITHOUT rerolling tac. I'm a fairly new player(less than a month), I've sunk a decent amount of zen into this toon, and I don't want to start working on a second alt.

Could I get some advice on the ideal way to play an engi in space in a STF that doens't require tanking?

P.S. I'm willing to buy EXACTLY one more ship if it leads to a great ship for space encounters

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12-29-2012, 10:05 AM
My Advice (and people will disagree)

concentrate on one type of weapon energy (phaser for example) have your consoles optimised for that
Do not mount Cannon OR Turrets and go beam and torp (I like a Tricobalt myself some people say plasma)
Stay at a distance
NEVER try to tank
and when skilling concentrate on skills that ADD to your DPE not your DPS

But the most important advice is this

Choose Boff skills that match your ship (absolutely no point in cannon skills on a beam ship)
Overload is a good one
High yield is even better if you mount a good torp
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12-29-2012, 11:33 AM
You ship provides 2/3 of your capabilities in space. Your Captain provides the other 1/3. The Well Class ship is a Science Vessel, it excels at buffs, debufs, and control. And it's limited hardpoints will limit the amount of damage your can do. That's made up a bit with Sensor Analysts which gives you stacking damage buffs (up to +33% after 60 second) so long as you keep attacking same target.

But the Well Class has a couple of things going for it for increased damage. First is excellent turning abilities. That means you can get away with using Dual Beam Banks on the fore hardpoints. Dual Beams do more damage as they less of a firing arc. Second are the Universal Bridge Stations. You can put a Tactical BOFF in one or both of the Universal Stations and that will greatly increase your damage.

As to Tactical BOFF Abilities, one skill to consider is Attack Pattern Beta. That gives a 5 second Damage Resistance Debuff to any target your hit. It has 50/50 cycle (15 secs up and up sec down). but combined with the debuff duration your are looking at 20 seconds of extra hurt for every 30 seconds. The Damage Resistance Debuff is a damage multiplier for your and any other friendly firing at the affected target(s).
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12-29-2012, 09:21 PM
Rear Admiral ships are perfectly fine to use.

If it's damage you want, then the Steamrunner and Chel Grett are your best choices. You can eke out a good amount of damage with the Wells, but it's not going to pump out the DPS that an Escort can.

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