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# 1 The Chel Grett Warship
12-29-2012, 10:52 PM
as I am coming up on the home stretch to getting my hands on a Breen Chel Grett Warship for Free, I was curious to see what you would do with the ship.

Personally, I would play it like my old Fleet Tor'kaht, except a bit more agile, probably something like this:

Commander Tac: Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3

Lieutenant Tac: Tac Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1

Lieutenant Commander Sci: Hazzard Emitter 1, Polarize Hull, and either Transfer Shield Strength 3 or Tractor Beam 3

Lieutenant Eng: EPTS1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1

Ensign Eng: EPTS1


Tac: 4 Energy Weapon Console (Any weapon)
Eng: RCS Accelerator, 2 Neutronium Alloy
Sci: 3 Flow Capacitors or Field Gen and 2 Flow Capacitors

Doffs: Not to sure

Engine: Omega
Shield: Maco
Deflector: Omega

Any suggestions or other builds?

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