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12-30-2012, 12:10 AM
I alternate between two ships. The Tactical Escort Refit named USS Crimson Sunrise, named after a Glorious Heritage Class ship from the Andromeda universe.

The second is a Assault Cruiser the USS Midian Breach, again named after a Glorious Heritage Class ship from the Andromeda universe.

You have to admit that the GH Class ships have some lovely names, like Fires of Orion, Salient Debate, Million Voices etc.

I still also have a Galaxy Class starship that I don't use anymore. Named that one USS Eric Hartmann, after the WWII Ace of all Aces, Eric Hartmann who score 358 confirmed kills.
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12-31-2012, 08:27 AM
I've finally secured my Breen cruisers for my toons and thought I'de share the names:

#1. U.S.S. Anne Hathaway (because I promised to do so and... (see wardrobe malfunction article))
#2. I.K.V. bIQtIQ vo''Iw (River of Blood) Ya, Ya, I know the game shows I.K.S. but I will NOT surrender to the bad script writing found in post TOS canon- I.K.V. was from SFC2.
#3. I.K.V. (yet to be determined, will likely be some variation of sinful slave)
KBF Lord MalaK
Awoken Dead

Now shaddup about the queues, it's a BUG
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12-31-2012, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
USS Endeavour - Sovereign Class Starship. Named for one of the space shuttles, and also a ship mentioned by name at the beginning of Star Trek:First Contact.

[Edit to add]
USS Equinox - Delta Class Shuttle. Named for Starship of the same name lost in the Delta Quadrant (In manuscript, given to Empress of Pentaxian Dynasty as a coronation present, but shot down and destroyed during demonstration flight...)
In addition, my recent writings have been based aboard the USS Valkyrie, a Nova Class Starship. Named for the plot to kill Hitler, and one of the most epic pieces of music I know

Having seen the deckplans, I've rather fallen for these little ships
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# 2074 My niece's starships ^_^
04-29-2013, 04:14 PM
Hello, ya'll!

Well, let me tell you that most of my starships were named after my niece. :-P She's 7 and she enjoys this 'creaky' game as much as I do. :-) So, we started-off with the "Miranda" Escort and we named 'her' as... Actually, I think that 'she' had 'her' own name; we didn't rename 'her' at all! O.o Next, we had that "Excelsior"-class hybrid 'wessel' and we named 'her'... "Serena". Then, we had a beaut of an "Horizon"-class hybridized as "Serena - Brava". Then, an "Ambassador"-class 'bucket' which was named, of course,... "Serena - Brava II". Now, on the other hand, we have a beaut of a "Intrepid"-class hybrid and 'her' name is "Silvestra-Irinia"! As for my own 'shippy', on Tribble, 'her' name is "Virgonia" because, well,... I'm Virgo. Oh, oh! And, as for the KDF is concerned, my niece plays as an Orion Engineer and her ship is called "SerNa".
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04-29-2013, 04:46 PM
Federation Science - Chel Gret - U.S.S. Blizzard. Reason is it was the cheesiest cold type name I could think of.

Federation Engineer - Odyssy Class - U.S.S. Gracie. Because the ship is a whale so I figured why not name it after a Trek whale.

Federation Tactical - Defiant Class - U.S.S. Obfuscate. It can cloak.

KDF Science - Kar'Fi Carrier - I.K.S. Molag Bal. Named for one of the daedric princes in the Elder Scroll series.

KDF Engineer - Kar'Fi Carrier - I.K.S. Soul Flayer. Just seemed to suit a Fek'ihri ship.

KDF Tactical - Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer - I.K.S. Uramha. Didn't care about naming this ship so it was a random one.

aaaand I just realized this was a necro-post, my apologize for posting. Just a heads up traveler82 resurrecting posts is not technically allowed.
Originally Posted by atlmykl View Post
What is more desirable, being the designer for a limited edition ship envied by many or the designer of a ship handed to every self-entitled weenie that ever said MINE! MINE!?

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04-30-2013, 06:19 PM
My KDF eng's fleet tor'khat's name is the Hab SoSlI' Quch, which means "your mother has a smooth forehead."
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04-30-2013, 06:25 PM
My latest ship, I.S.S. Thresher, is named after a U.S. nuclear submarine that sank.
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05-04-2013, 02:45 PM
My shipnames thus far:

U.S.S. Veritas
Truth, My old Heavy Cruiser

U.S.S. Pax
Peace, My old Galaxy-class

U.S.S. Justitia
Justice, My old Constitution-class

U.S.S. Clementia (RA Ambassador Support Cruiser Retrofit)
Healer, Support DPS, and Sci abilities, thus Clementia - clemency, mercy (for my allies, at least)

U.S.S. Audentia (Breen Chel Grett Warship)
Audacity/Boldness, it's a pretty crit-focused, DPS-focused, "We run all right, RIGHT AT THEM" sort of ship

U.S.S. Celeritas (Mirror Advanced Escort)
Swift, because... yeah it's an escort, so swift

U.S.S. Fidelitas (Mirror Patrol Escort)
Fidelity, because it can stay alive for very long

U.S.S. Libertas (Odyssey Star Cruiser)
Liberty, a engineering focused Oddy

U.S.S. Aequitas (Fleet Defiant Tactical Escort Retrofit)
Equity/Justice, it can put out punishing damage against its enemies, and can get rid of anything quickly

U.S.S. Infinitas (Fleet Excelsior Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit)
Infinite, because this AuxToBat boat is a swiss army knife, and can do so many things, put out an awesome amount of damage, while being nearly impossible to kill unless I'm being alpha-ed by 5 well-decked out escorts at once. Even then it'll take quite a while
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05-04-2013, 02:49 PM
Balefire. Because it's a torch to light the way.
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05-04-2013, 03:07 PM
My Tac captain:
When I drove a Star Cruiser, I named it the U.S.S. Leviathan. (because it looked like Moya)
U.S.S. Odysseus
U.S.S. Solaris (my Constitution class)

My alt, Sci captain:
I kept it thematic, using names such as:
U.S.S. Wozniak (NCC-96502) *bonus points if you get the reference (without looking it up)
U.S.S. Archimedes
U.S.S. Bellerophon
U.S.S. Copernicus
U.S.S. Einstein

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