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# 1 Some Balancing Issues
12-30-2012, 11:15 AM
Ok, as I get into the Admiralty, I really began to notice some imbalances to the gear. The first issue is rifles and pistols. I noticed that pistols are stronger than rifles, and that is not what it should be. I believe the consensus here is that pistols have shorter range and thusly are more powerful and rifles have longer range and thusly are weaker. In reality, and even in conjunction with the shows, if pistols were really that much stronger, no one in Starfleet would really use a rifle unless they were sniping. In that case they'd choose a sniper rifle over a compression rifle etc.

The power comes from the size of the bullet, or in this case, the Prefire Chamber. Pistols would be less powerful because the Prefire Chamber would be smaller, but its the emitter that would determine range, as well. Likewise, a rifle would have a better emitter than a pistol. Not to mention that a minigun (I guess that's STO's version of a Type IV phaser rifle, or Pulse Cannon (this is what you saw Worf using on the Argo on Nemesis)) could really blow crap up. If you look it up, the reason why it is a pulse cannon is because it was soooo powerful it would damage the emitter if fired as a beam. I don't know what part of Cryptic thinks that just because the weapon shoots pulses that it be weaker. It shoots in pulses because the weapon is so powerful. Pulses do not lower the power of a weapon, just how it is delivered. If I delivered a chocolate bar in a thousand pieces versus a whole one, both would be the same amount, just in a difference form.

So in essence, a pistol should be weaker than a rifle, and assault miniguns should be one of the most powerful weapons out there.

Prefire Chamber This will explain, roughly, on how phasers work. It's not referencing personal weapons, but personal weapons work in similar fashion to that of the space weapons. They just use different and smaller parts. Same concept.

While it is just a game, imbalances bother me. Really, I know that if I were to fully compare the shows and movies to the game, the game is LARGELY imbalanced. Space and ground fights would be much easier, although it be a challenge if it were that easy (one hit kills and all). It just involve more tactics to not get killed over buffs and debuffs.
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