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In the first 3 or 4 Seasons Turrets fired from random Hardpoints front and back, left and right all over the Place.
Today ALL turrets and cannons fire from the same 1 Hardpoint.

I think it is ok that turrets that are mounted in the aft slots are firing from forward Hardpoints, if not then rear turrets will fire through your own ship geometry (i think this is why it was changed initially), but if ALL turrets + single cannons fire from the same one centered Hardpoint then it looks more like a beam sometimes, in particular in combination with rapid fire.

It does not look good, period.
(also the crazy high rate of energy bolts is a bit much, i'd rather have less bolts per shot cycle but more oomph per shot).

Here is a Video how turrets could/should/would be nice if they worked like that in STO.

pay attention from 1:13 forward.

This is less a Star Trek Canon thing but more a, visual quality thing.
(the video isn't exactly canon accurate, the Kelvin shot more like Beam Bursts out of it's Turrets in the Movie, and it's the JJ Universe anyway, but i still think its a good example).

And while i'm at it, can some Dev PLEASE remake that Plasma Fire FX that comes with a -10 to FPS debuff?
a few small plasma leaks (see video at 4:05) are really enough to indicate a plasma fire DoT proc on your Ship, there is no need to turn whole Ships into flickering plasma balls.

In fact that visual alone is so annoying that i click on my Hazard Emitters regularly just to make the FX go away, not because of the damage it does.
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12-30-2012, 01:01 PM
It would b nice if the single cannons fired at their own hard point in stead of the one ,n wouldnt mind the lees shot graphics u talked about as it would help towards peoples frame rates ?
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01-30-2013, 05:42 AM
I want to add my beef to this. it's visually stupid to see multiple cannons fire from the same hard point on the ship, it just looks silly when a huge ship is firing only from one spot.

Why can't the cannons/turrets share the beam hard points?

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01-30-2013, 07:28 AM
Single cannons actually do have their own hardpoint. That red nipple on the very tip of your saucer? That's your cannon. Turrets are generally a bit further up the saucer, between the centre and edge.

Regardless, I also agree that each ship, at least the larger ones, should have multiple turret hardpoints scattered about the hull. Not necessarily using the beam arrays, but a series of hardpoints that can make a broadside look properly epic.

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