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12-24-2012, 06:10 AM
I've tested the weapon and various stuff.
-Flamethrower is great. It's a really fun weapon, and I hope it won't be nerfed.
However, I found the 2nd power a bit underwhelming compared to the first power. I understand the "more AoE for less damage per shot", but it's simply better to move and have them all in the first power arc than using power 2. I though the power 2 would be a persistent ground aoe, with some CD.
Also, borg adapt to plasma damage from flamethrower (really quick), but the flamethrower damage is not affected, as it should be. OFC, if the borg adapt so quickly to it, and you can't damage them once adapted, the flamethrower will become useless in STF. Even with the borg adaptation Omega bonus, they still adapt in less than a second. However, I don't mind using it only for non borg mission.

-Borg prosthetics : I tested the one with the more DPS. Kind of blast assault. I found the DPS being lacking. The power 2 do a lot of damage, but the 1 doesn't. Overall, except for damage spike from time to time, it's useless.

-Reman/Romulan set. I think the Romulan set is the same so we have an alternative look. I like it, the Romulan set give a greenish look to the ship, while the reman is more blue.
The set is nice, and the shield power is very strong. I can't say if it's too strong or not, I just tested in normal mission and I found I was unkillable during its activation. But as I say, normal story mission are not really dangerous.
I also found the plasma torpedo to shoot a bit to fast, and you make a torpedo string to the target most of the time. Maybe start the cd once the animation is over, and make the animation quicker ? Don't nerf the cd too much, because the dmg/torp is low, and they can be destroyed.

-Borg cutting laser/torp set. I found it very lacking DPS wise. Even with the combo tractor beam/cutting laser. The torp is nice, but the rest is not interesting IMO. Not enough damage, and almost useless against shield.
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12-24-2012, 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
We've added a test item vendor to Tribble!
  • The purpose of this vendor is for the developers of Star Trek Online to be able to receive and respond to your feedback on these items and powers, without needing to wait until they are available on Holodeck, and without requiring max-level in the Reputation system.
  • With that in mind, some of the high-tier rewards that won't be obtainable on Holodeck for several weeks may require polish.
    • There may be some bugs and placeholder animations or FX.
  • Season 7 Test Items:
    • Players may now visit a contact on DS9 that will allow them to purchase many different items that would otherwise require high tiers of Reputations in order to obtain.
    • Several store inventories are available, and include old and new Omega and Romulan Space Sets, Omega Ground Sets, and all of the newly-introduced unique items associated with each of these Reputations.
    • There is also a TEST ITEM inventory which includes Consoles for space and Armors for ground that will grant players the powers associated with the Reputation Trees.
      • Different variants are available, and each contains different powers.
  • This vendor is only going to be available for a limited amount of time.

This is a great idea, but it is way, way too late.

Instead of putting this up on tribble, so you guys could tweak the Rep powers before it hits live.

It hit live, people made it all the way to T4 - got passive powers and then shortly after that the T4 Omega power got "adjusted" leaving many of your players confused and upset.

Now they have a power that has been nerfed, in a system with no clear respecs and no one is answering their questions on why this happened and why no respec has been provided.

Then, after that, you add the ability to test these powers on the tribble server.

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12-30-2012, 04:04 PM
I don't know if this problem has to do with the recent changes to Tribble or have been around longer but I just noticed this so I thought I should post this here. I apologize if this is the wrong thread.

Newly transferred toons to Tribble have a problem with the U/Stations window. No station slots are displayed and, of course, no BOFFs are displayed either. This also effects my space skill tray. Only special consoles and captain abilities are displayed and are useable.

I don't know if this is just a Tribble bug or something that I'm doing wrong or can be easily fixed. My 'old' Tribble toons (transferred just prior to Season 7 for the test weekend) are not affected by this and the Stations are accessible.

I have TRIED the following: relog, reboot, delete effected toons, re-import new toons, re-imported several/different new toons. Nothing works and the problem remains. I have done this now over a period of over 48 hours with the same results.
Please help. I wish to experiment with different set ups for my toons before committing on Holodeck.

Thank you.
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01-01-2013, 03:58 AM
just change your ships multiple times and they will apear one at a time
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01-04-2013, 12:44 AM
Can not wait to do some test on my toons..
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