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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
With Season 7 being mostly about New Romulus i could see a Romulan ship showing up in lock boxes but I doubt it would be the Scorpion, that I could see in the C store, I doubt many would gamble lock boxes for just a fighter.
I doubt Cryptic would sell a lockbox where a small craft was the main draw. Like I said, small craft don't sell well, so no one would buy keys for 'em.

Given lockbox history a Scorpion would most likely be a Lobi store item (like the Tholian Widow or Aeon/Rohzenko Timeship), or a pack-in with a new Romulan ship (like the Tal'Kyr with the D'kyr Vulcan ship. There's also a very small chance they'd just put it out on the C-store like the Yellowstone Runabout, Stalker and Peregrine, but again, small craft are low sellers (average price 500Z), so they may see more profit in selling 100-lobi items (minimum price of $10/1000z) than taking up space in the C-store.

The "pack-in" option is unlikely because Cryptic have said they want to hold off on releasing mainline Rommie ships (like Warbirds and BoPs) until the playable Romulan faction gets worked on. And as anyone on this forum knows, that's going to be a LONG while yet. Hell, fleshing out the KDF is higher on that priority list, even.

Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
And YES... We already have the Peregine as Escort... With that In mind, the Venture might be flexible enough to be called a Destroyer
Doubtful. From the movie the scout ship (I won't call it Venture because STO already has a Venture-class ship) isn't that much bigger than a Runabout. The largest small craft in the game is the Tal'Kyr support shuttle, which in game-model terms is half the size of a Rommie BoP (comparison within the Vault shuttle event).

Plus, so far Cryptic's favored size for Destroyer-class ships seems to be the Aquarius at minimum, with the Mobius and Chimera in the medium and upper-size of the spectrum.

Originally Posted by fataiityx3 View Post
Incorporating the Son'a should be easy. After all they reintegrated into the population of that planet. Who knows, they could be a member of the United Federation of Planets now. Also in DS9 apparently they were for a time allied with the Dominion, so there is another avenue for having their ships in the game.
That makes sense. What would a Son'a ship's gimmick console be, though? The Regent already took the Metreon gas trick. Personally I'd like it to be photonic-based, in tribute to the movie's holodeck-ship antics.

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