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12-27-2012, 07:23 AM
Seems A-OK to me. The Aegis is a good set, but it costs a lot for a stopgap till T5, and is not really necessary IMO. Cutting beam is good when fitted along with the borg console, but I wouldn't say the damage increase is 30%. More like 10%.
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12-30-2012, 11:46 AM
Wooo, VA Steamrunner. Not sure if what I have going is good or not. What I do know is that its all over the place. So hopefully someone will help keep me from doing it wrong. Im will attempt to get the Aegis set sometime in the future so no worries about that.

Tactical Captain

Fore: 2x Polariazed Disruptor DHC XI [CrtH/CrtD] [Dmg] , Polariazed Disruptor DBB XII [CrtH] x2, and Quantum Torpedo Launcher XI [CrtH]
Aft: 2x Polarized Disruptor Beam Arrays XII [CrtH] x2 + [CrtH] [Dmg], and Quantum Mines XII [CrtH] x3

Deflector: Positron Deflector Array Mk XI [PrtG] [FlwC] [SubD]
Engines: Efficient Impulse Engines Mk VI
Shield: Numiri Regenerative Shield Array Mk XI

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Module

Eng Console: Resonance Cascade Modulator, Diburnium Hull Plating Mk XII, Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk XI, Injector Assembly Mk XI
Sci Console: Isometric Charge, Particle Generator Mk XI
Tac Console: Prefire Chamber Mk XI, Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Mk XII, Disruptor Induction Coil Mk X, Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI

BOFF Setup:
Lt Com Tac: TT1, APB1, THY1
Lt Eng: EPW1, RSP1
Lt Eng: EPW1, ETII
En Sci: HE1
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12-30-2012, 05:31 PM
Switch the fore Dual Beam Bank for a DHC, since you don't seem to be using Beam Overload 3, which is the top reason to have one on an escort. A Plain or Fleet Disruptor would work well, since DHCs don't proc that often.

Rear beam arrays aren't that great on an escort, as most of it's firepower is facing forward and beam arrays only shoot 250 degrees from the rear. If you go with turrets -- probably Polarized Disruptor for your case-- you can shot things in front of you using them, and their fire is effected by Cannon abilities.

I'd go with Jem'Hadar MK XI Deflector, Engines, Shield and until you can get a Reputation set. (Just replaying the missions at 50 will net you them at MK XI) I'm with the people thinking Aegis is a bit expensive for a stopgap, and each peice of the Mk XI Jem set can be sold to a vendor for 100K EC, making it an EC positive venture. Before they made crafting so expensive with unreplicatable materials requiring Dilithium, Aegis was a much more tempting route.

You shouldn't need the Plasma Dist Manifold in Eng consoles if you drop the fore DBB, I'd replace it with a Nuetronium armor.

I like the Shield capacity consoles to help boost the shields, those are already a bit higher than an average escort and amping them up make them that much better.

Tac Consoles don't have diminishing returns, so three Disruptor Coils of a high mark and rarity, and your Quantum Chamber would be much better.
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12-30-2012, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post


Drop the beams and replace them with turrets. Steamrunner is an escort, and you don't even get the benefit of subsystem targeting to use them with. If you're concerned that you can't get enough Polarized Disruptor turrets, just replace them with standard disruptors, you won't suffer the power penalty.

Like the other guy said, a set is preferable, and until you grind your reputation the only decent ones are Aegis (which is now expensive) and the Jammie set, which is free and actually good, even if you aren't running polaron weapons.

Replace your hull plating with Neutronium or Ablative (Neut is all-purpose but Ablative helps better against Borg which you'll be fighting a lot for your rep sets). Drop the plasma distribution manifold and injector assembly for more armor, or use the engineering slots for your extra universal consoles.

For science get yourself Field Generators ASAP. Craft them if you must. Until then use Shield Emitter consoles. The Steamrunner will never be a great science ship so your Particle generator boost is going to waste.

For tactical, just go whole-hog with consoles that boost your weapon damage (in this case disruptor coils). Yes, drop even the quantum chamber. You'll be doing most of your damage with the cannons, so the torps and mines are just icing on the cake.

Fix your Boff setup, too. You're running 2 Tac Teams, so your Eng team will screw the cooldown. Instead switch your ET with EPTS2 and one of your EPW with EPTS I. Keep those on constant rotation and just use the RSP as a panic button. Since you have the Resonance Cascade console your prime survivability measure will be keeping your shields up, not repairing your hull.

Keep the Hazard emitters, you'll need them to clear plasma fire and borg assimilation.

For tac, do you really want to insist on so many Torpedo/Mine skills? You're mounting cannons, not trying to run a torp boat. Either get a second CRF or add Scatter Volley somewhere there. Do these things by replacing the DPB and THY. Think about replacing APB with AP Omega to boost your maneuverability and get you out of Borg tractors.
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12-30-2012, 11:50 PM
Many thanks, doods! I'll give the advice a go. A shame I can't get more than one Jem'hadar set for other ships.
Lt. Commander
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12-31-2012, 01:28 AM
I run mine, very successfully, as a torp boat.

Beam Overload on both tacs to bring down shields
Two copies of HY3
3 forward, 2 rear photons
3 projectile officer doffs

A torp every 1.5 seconds, front or rear, which means I can still deal good DPS from 9.99k out while drawing minimal agro.

It's massively effective against all the unshielded targets you'll find in STFs, and honestly is my favortie Fed boat to date.
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01-02-2013, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by scotty1967 View Post
So I purchased the Steamrunner pack just after season 7 when it was still on sale. I figured why not as it looked like a great deal, very tanky escort with fleet ship stats, special console and its account wide.

I'd really appreciate some advice for my steamrunner build.

I'm an Engineer.

Fore: 4xPolaron Dual Heavy Cannons MK XI [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
Aft: 3xPolaron Turrets MK XI [CrtH]x3

Deflector: Omega MK XII
Engines: Omega MK XII

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Module

Eng Consoles: Resonance Cascade Modulator, Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Neutronium Alloy Mk XI
Sci Consoles: 2xField Generator Mk XI
Tac Consoles: 4xPolaron Phase Modulator Mk XI

Bridge Officer set up:
Com Tac: TT1, APB1, CRF2, APO3
Lt Com Tac: TT1, APB1, CRF2
Lt Eng: EPtS1, AtSIF1
Lt Eng: EPtS1, RSP1
Ensign Sci: HE1

Duty Officers:
3xShield Distribution Officer
1xSpace Warfare (+10% Vs Borg)
1xConn Officer (Evasive Moneuvers)

This is how my build looks now after hitting T5 Omega
Career Officer
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01-02-2013, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post
Many thanks, doods! I'll give the advice a go. A shame I can't get more than one Jem'hadar set for other ships.
You can at the moment via featured rerun episodes! Set the level to normal and just repeat until whole set is obtained.

Its a set I have yet to properly use myself as I have been on the Borg set on a Breen Warship. The Breen set is also nice imo.

Based on all the positive feedback for the steamrunner I decided to buy one today. The sell price and stats being better than the Tier III equivalent was too good to pass up. Unfortunately I also had to download a new STO altogether in order to access it via, but no big deal.

This has been a great thread, I am looking forward to building my new ship once the game is downloaded again. Just in time for PVP boot camp! ;-)

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