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Originally Posted by tragamites View Post
For those who don't understand (and the people it bothers the most probably don't read the forums) this retrofit is based off of ST6 where General Chang fires photon torpedos from under the Enterprise while cloaked to destroy the Klingon Flag ship. He also later uses this tactic to attack the Enterprise nearly destroying it.

In retaliation Scotty and Spock outfit a "Heat Seeking Torpedo" to counter these cloaked attacks.

STO has both these available in game:

B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit with its Advanced Battle Cloak

Cruiser Refit (Exeter Class) with a Universal Console, Console - Universal - Ionized Gas Sensor

The B'rel is the ONLY ship that has the Enhanced Battle Cloak and it is not a console that can be moved to another ship!

The Ionized Gas Sensor Console, however, can be moved to any ship AND this refit only costs 750 Zen. Using this console will enable you to attack ANY cloaked ship! And as we all know they have NO Shields when cloaked! Not only this but when attacked they lose the cloak and you can attack them freely after that!

I've played against the B'rel dropping the Aceton Assimilator all over the map along with mines and never leaving cloak except for the blink when they deploy these items.

In C&H this is very difficult to deal with as the AA's are devastating when you are in combat and near impossible to counter.

While I applaud people for coming up with the tactic and I'm sure it seems somewhat fun for you, it is not for others.

However, Feds you can get this console, put it on any ship you wish and use it to combat these tactics!
Erm, the Aceton Assimilators are easily killed by torpedoes (as in, very easily). They'll absorb energy damage. If you're pinging away at it with beam arrays, it won't go down

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