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# 1 Sarr Theln Flight-Deck Cruiser
12-31-2012, 03:32 PM
This is my vision of what the Sarr Theln should be in the future Breen Lockbox (because you know they will have one). It is probably OP, but I wanted to have fun making it. That's the whole point...

Tier: 5
Type: Flight Deck Cruiser
Hull: ~40,000 (approximate)
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapons: Fore 4, Aft 4
Crew: ~3000 (approximate)
Device Slots: 4
Turn Rate: 7 or 8
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia rating: 35
Bonus Power: +5 to all power levels
Sensor Analysis
Hangar Bay: 1

Bridge Officer Slots:
Commander Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Science
Lieutenant Commander Tactical
Lieutenant Universal

3 Tactical Consoles, 4 Engineering Consoles, 3 Science Consoles

It may fit the Energy Dissipator Console from the Chel Grett Warship. It should also come with a "Slave Transporter" console that steals a percentage (say 25% of alive crew) of enemy Crew from an enemy ship (their shields must be down) with a 1 minute cooldown.

Also, the Breen Absolute Zero Set should have a 4 piece set bonus when used with Either the Chel Grett or the Sarr Theln. The 4 piece bonus will be called "Cold Fusion Secondary Power" that grants +2.5 power to all subsystems.

The Dielectric Oscillation Resilient Shield should also have a new graphic model. The shield should trap charged polaron particles inside the shield, creating a snow globe effect. (glowing particles float around inside the shield)

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