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12-31-2012, 05:08 PM
im so tired of these missions giving me cives, and not being able to send civs. every time they crit they give me nothing but purple civs. seriously, over half of the doffs i get from these are civs, and they're bound too if i recall. just the refuge exchange gives unbound. and these damn latinum trade missions, every time they crit they give BOUND green quality entertainers, that you have no way of getting rid of except hitting dismiss

because of all these purple cives, and the fact that i already had blue civs that were somehow bound, some goten from the doff store, i have had to dismiss blue quality doffs for almost nothing to clear my roster of 5 advisers or diplomats or entertainers. all of which you need 1, or maybe 2 of at most. oh but just send them off on the recruiter labor missions! even when these succeed, I DON'T LOSE THE DAMN DOFFS. at least all the doffs from the doff store cant be gotten rid of this way, they remain after the missions. you cant send them off 1 at a time in the exchange missions, and you cant recycle or trade up with them, all you can do is dismiss.

the ONLY bound doffs i can understand getting EVER is doffs from the support starcluser chains, and the doff store. but the doff store doffs need to not be double bound, and recyclable, or un-get-rid-of-able with those recruit laborer missions.
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