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Dear Cryptic Team,
I started playing this game when F2P launched, and less then a week later I was level 50, then again on my next character, and again, and again, okay think you get the point. Obviously I've been at the endgame content for awhile now, and I would like to propose a radical idea.
My idea is that after season 8 is launched you delay the planned season 9 for one full season. The whole purpose behind these "seasons" is that you give more content to the end game players, well no offense but end game content has been nothing more than grinding, and really to be honest starts getting really boring after the first week or two. This is where my idea comes into play. Instead of the planned season 9 why not finally take the time to develop the poker mini-game and some other mini-games, revamp ship interiors and functionality, fix the errors with the exchange and really just give yourselves some breathing room to really iron out all of the bugs and little things you've wanted to get done/finished but haven't had the time to.
Personally as an everyday (and I do mean literally everyday) player I really won't mind the delay of a season for this. With the Rep System, Fleet progression system, the normal everyday grind, special events and everything else, this really would be the perfect time to do it. We would have the new content from season 8 plus everything else I just mentioned so it would really give you some time to work on overall game improving additions and changes.
I can honestly say that I am probably one of the few players that really understands the amount of hardship you had right from the start of acquiring the rights to the game and then unrealistic deadlines and then the change in ownership and then on top of that the migration to F2P. I'm sure there's a huge list of things that have been put on the back burner or never even started simply because you are trying to give us end-game players more to do. I greatly appreciate your efforts to continually add new content for us, but please take a break from that and really add in some of the more dynamic aspects of this game that I'm sure all of you would love to see as much as we would.
It is my sincere hope that enough of my fellow players will see this and truly show their support for this idea, and even give some constructive ideas as to what they would realistically like to see added if this were to be done. And on that note I ask, I challenge my fellow STO players to really seriously consider what small things they would like to see added,changed that could be done within the time period of a season that would make their overall STO experience more dynamic, diverse, and in all more enjoyable.
Thank you for your time and attention, and in advance to all players and development staff that give their constructive feedback on this proposal.

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