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# 1 Several Major Complaints
12-31-2012, 11:43 PM
First complaint is the amount of dilithium required for the Maco, Omega, Honor Guard sets is outragious. Then when we get the stuff we need for the ground sets we still have to pay even more dilithium to unlock the costumes for the grounds. Your estimates of acquiring the sets is way out of proportion it is actually taking me longer to get the Mk XII sets then the old system and to outfit my BOFFs well I can forget that on this or any other toon as I have other uses for my resources unlike my other toon which has the sets X, XI, and XII on all my BOFFs when are you guys/ladies going to stop making it harder on us players to get the stuff we need the game is starting to feel more like a job and not as enterainment like it is suppose to?

Next complaint is the upgrading of the DOFFs you increase the amount of dilithium there also to 1000, 3000, and 6000 now it takes me days to upgrade to a single Very rare DOFF from scratch that is 26,000 dilithium this is also outragious, and now requires the total of over 3 days worth of dilithium on a single toon and when you do upgrade they are a random DOFF which is usually totally worthless.

Third Myself and so far 1 other in the fleet I am in both suffered a 7000 experience point drop when doing our Omega reputation we both logged it up to a bug or maybe some other issue with the game. Once it is acceptable twice there is something going on that needs to be fixed.

Fourth Not only myself but many other players I have talked to have noticed here recently our shields and hulls have gotten easier for NPC's to kill us, or severely damage us. Have we also lost our Passive abilities we earned from doing the Accolades and if so why??? We worked very hard for those accolades and I do not like losing stuff I have worked for for so long and hard to receive.

Fifth I play in Elite Mode for everything and have done so for quite some time as I like the challenge. Why is it I receive the same rewards that people who play in Normal settings receive?? I though the rewards was suppose to go up and you were suppose to get a better chance of receiving better gear. Well guess what I don't and it is the same for many other players I play with.

Finally all the Bugs Ie. not being able to team going into a STF from sector space and being kicked You have known about this for quite a while why hasn't this been addressed. In Ker'Rat the Borg still warp in and out randomly, another issue that has been brought up many, many times when are these going to be fixed.

Not everything is all that bad though Unless some more changes/nerfs are intended for the upcomming seasons. I like the new missions and the new Romulan settings and the new gear from there and the fleet starbases are a interesting change and promotes teamwork for fleets.

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