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# 1 The Ship Thread
01-01-2013, 01:50 AM
Alright, this thread only has one purpose. To post up your ideas on ships and how they would be in game.

The rules of this thread:

1) You may only put up to 3 ship ideas on this thread (preferably all in the same post).

2) Of those 3 ships, only ONE is allowed to be hard canon. The other two MUST be fictional, however all 3 are allowed to be fictional. In addition, 1 ship MUST be Starfleet, and 1 ship MUST be KDF. The last ship is whatever you want it to be (you know you want to make a tribble faction ship!!)

3) Avoid repeating ships if possible. If you think you have a better idea for a ship, you are welcome to post it, but I would discourage that (this also means you have to read all the posts so you know what's been taken already).

4) You MUST post up all stats that the wiki would present.

5) The ship MUST follow all current limits on STO ships (I.E. Only 12 BOff abilities max allowed, only 10 consoles max allowed, only 4 device slots max allowed etc)

6) Your ship is allowed to have a unique console that comes with it. If it can be used on other ships as well, please say so. Also give a brief (effect only, no story behind it etc.) description of the console.

7) You should (not must) post why you made that ship as it is, and why you think it should have what it does.

8) If you want to, you may post up how you would play that ship, but keep it simple.

9) DO NOT ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE'S SHIP IDEAS. That would ruin the whole point of this thread, and would also be very, VERY rude. If you think it's overpowered, well tough luck. We all know that these ships will probably never appear in game, this is just a way for players to express their creativity.

10) There are no rules on how crazy your ships can be other than rule #5, as lame as it is. So go for broke! Make crazy ships with crazy consoles designed for crazy captains! Make lame ships with lame consoles designed for those rainbow and skittle warriors. And of course, you can always make hardcore ships with hardcore consoles for those hardcore PvPers. The only limits on ideas are your imagination.

Added notes:

Other games from the Star Trek genre are considered soft canon, and therefore do not count towards the one canon ship limit. For the purpose of this thread, hard canon are only ships present in the different series and those from novels (graphic or otherwise). For the purpose of this thread, Memory Alpha and Beta do NOT count as hard canon.

When making up fictional ships (Fed/KDF/Other) please try to be somewhat realistic. We can all appreciate the need to make an uber ship, but try to make a ship that would actually be playable without breaking the game. However, if you just want to make a death-star of a ship, or something that makes a Pakled look smart, then by all means do so, let's see what you got!

Finally, before making your entire post, I would recommend you post up your one to three ships beforehand as a reply so your ships aren't taken before making the whole post. You can use the edit feature to flesh out your ships, just make sure you get your names down. Also be sure to label which ship is the canon ship (if it isn't already obvious).
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