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Just wanted to let other players who multiple other games and/or other reason get confronted with the same problem to a viable solution.

Just had an issue in STO where the models ingame would have the skin layer z fight or shimmer between no texture (black) and their designated textures, both space and ground (only the ships and the pc/npc's,some slight shimmer with the environment mainly planets).

Now I have diagnosed and narrowed this to an external problem; most notably a memory leak after playing the game spec ops the line and believe its due to this issue I did not pick up till I did a cold restart (fully power off the pc wait 1-5min then start it up)

Edit: After a full reinstall of my system the z-fighting issue on npc's croped up again for a sec, and I think i finally narrowed it down to a setting in AA on the nvidia side..32x 8bit instead of 32x combined when set to enhance 3d application setting in the global profile for the driver config using nvidia inspector.

Re-edit: I have further narrowed (rulled out a memory leak) the issue down to having lighting quality to high and having AA enabled ingame. turning lighting quality to low or turning AA off entirely fixes the issue.

(solution to resolve the issue) edit the 3rd: I think I have this resolved now. I went in to the game install folder > sto > live > cache (deleted all files there) > piggs (deleted all files there) and re-patched. Also as of this edit am running the 310.90 whql drivers from nvidia.
NOTE: Turing Off Frame Stabilizer and Auto-stabilize framerate also causes the flicker, to eliviate it further keep both options ON.

I can officially state now once for all i have fixed the shimmer/z-fighting bug with the Textures, AA and Lighting on npc's and characters in gen.
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