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01-01-2013, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
Regardless of how you feel about pvp'ers, they are the best. They are either the most skilled, most studied, have payed the most cash for shiny things or some combo thereof. I respect that. It's easy to remember the ones with bad manners. Put them on ignore, or I dunno, beat them?

My point is that if this were real, these pvp players would be our best pilots. Instead of hating on them let's reintegrate them into events where PvE types would fly alongside them for a common goal.
This. Typically the top end of any system has the potential to drive achievement over the entire system. This game lacks any serious PVE endgame so that leaves PVP to be the only venue where where a reasonable number of players are pushing performance against other players doing likewise.

It used to be called the NASCAR effect. A person viewing slightly modified Fords and Dodges racing about would have that same feeling of well being and fun when they got into THIER Ford or Dodge. The tech and resources automakers put into racing on the tracks trickled out to production autos in the form of technological improvements. It was all in all a win win type of situation.

Typically I can tell if I'm in a match with a PVP player. That player will be the one killing stuff, not dying, and tossing out heals.

I can also tell when I'm in a match with an idiot. We know what they toss out. Of course then I'll chime in and they'll realize they weren't the only five year old with a potty mouth in chat range. Put us both on ignore.

I would wager most of the players that are actually really good at anything wouldn't be the ones starting the pissing contest anyways. That's why I join in! Gotta win at sumthin!

But seriously for it all to work end game has to at least have the appearance of being achievable for a new player, and if we time gate the tools to PVP succesfuly without also time gating the PVP, the games in trouble.

Cheers! oh and poop on you guyz ur all noobz

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