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# 1 Lack of Content
01-01-2013, 09:56 AM
One of the things that REALLY bug me about the Foundry is the lack of content. The editor its self is fine, and actually is easy to use for any level of player just starting to create content. But there needs to more props, and fewer props. What I mean is there needs to be a bigger variety, but a smaller amount. If you look at what props are available you'll notice more than one of the same thing. The only difference is is function and size.

So, if a player could change the function of a prop, then there would be no need for so many of the same thing. The player should be able to choose whether or not the door opens/closes, style, and even FX events, like maybe the player opens the door and a giant explosion knocks him back doing damage. A variety of skins should be added too, so you have plenty of choices on what to choose based on what era you are basing your mission out of. And of course, the last bit of the puzzle to adding changeable features would be size. Why not allow the player to customize the size to fit his purpose?

The other thing Foundry lacks is the ability to customize a map, or the ability to choose from a larger variety. To me it really seems the interior designs lack choices. Especially for me, cause I want an engineering level, and since Foundry lacks all the necessary props, conjuring my own is not gonna be easy, considering that Engineering is typically a two-deck room with stairs or a lift going up to the second. I don't want the Defiant map because it doesn't fit the style. Also, as offering a variety, allow the player's own ship to be used. For example, just like you can customize a dialog to represent a BOFF or an AT member, you could instead choose the map to be the skin of, say, the players engineering section. This alone would allow more oppurtunity to those creating missions that are suppose to take place on the player's own ship.

And another thing that would be handy dandy to have, is in the event an author wants to actually create a totally customized ship interior, provide different layouts of the different factions, and allow the author to add/remove, and even change the dimensions of rooms. This would also allow folk like me the ability to create an engineering level from scratch.

Oh, and, I just had an idea based off the last paragraph, that could really add to the ability of Foundry authors. The ability to create whole layouts for ships, and then allow the player to select those layouts for his own ship.

Foundry has potential, it should be harnessed.
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